Friday, 3 April 2015

Why JUDGES don't criticize the judiciary

Judges are India's undisputed aristocratic class. They have almost nothing to fear. They live in a perfect bubble of privilege. No matter how corrupt or criminal they are -- individually and collectively -- they cannot be punished. Every attempt to impeach a corrupt judge since Independence has miserably failed.
All judges are part of a grand CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE. For the most part, the only thing that they have to fear is peer-pressure and social boycott by their own brother-judges. They know of every malpractice and corruption of the judiciary, and some, like Chief Justices, briefly enjoy the power to DIRECTLY FIGHT these evils if they wish. But rather than fighting this great disease and antagonizing their colleagues, they maintain a "judicious silence".
Even the courageous few who speak out -- like Justice Ruma Pal -- pacify their conscience by making cryptic comments and criticisms, rather than exposing the entire dirty system with details. That too, mostly after retirement.
India is on her knees in prayer, awaiting the day when a few experienced judges will respond to the call of conscience and fearlessly decide to reform the judicial system.
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