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Nirman Viviana flat-buyers: Is your 1 BHK really only a 1 RK?

Mumbai, 30th May 2018: Investors who booked a 1BHK flat in Viviana project of Nirman Realtors & Developers Ltd (NRDL) should go back and verify that it is actually a 1BHK. The fear is that it will probably be just a 1RK i.e. one-room-kitchen apartment, because, out of five blocks of Nirman Viviana, the first four blocks have only 1RK flats. Only Block 5 has 42 flats in 1BHK configuration. There is ample proof to suggest that Nirman has deliberately created the false impression in the minds of its flat-buyers that their flat is a 1 BHK.

RERA website shows that Nirman intends to deliver one-room-kitchen flats to all flat-buyers in Viviana Block 1 to 4. It is therefore amazing that Nirman Viviana (and Nano City) were continually advertised as 1 BHK projects during the past 2-3 years at least.
One ad claimed that Viviana was "1BHK flats only":

See what RERA website says about Viviana:

VIVIANA - BLOCK 1 P52000006083

VIVIANA - BLOCK 2 P52000012071

VIVIANA - BLOCK3 P520000075…

Attention 1BHK flat-buyers of Nirman Nano City Neral: You were duped!

Mumbai, 26th May, 2018: If you think you purchased a 1BHK apartment in Nirman builder's Nano City -- also called "Nano Futuro" -- then this is a wake-up call for you, because your flat is a 1RK at best and a single-room studio apartment at worst. Your Nano City flat simply cannot have a one bedroom-hall-kitchen layout.
All three blocks of Nano City project constructed by Nirman Realtors & Developers Ltd (NRDL) only has 1RK and studio apartments (one-room flats) as per MahaRERA page of Nano City.

But, for many years, Nirman and its estate agency arm Propbest have been falsely advertizing 1BHK flats in Nano City/ Nano Futuro. Examples of such ads are readily available on the Facebook page of Nirman Realtors and Developers.

Due to such advertisements, many flat-buyers may believe that they bought a reasonably-priced 1BHK property in Neral. The paperwork is deliberately vague, contradictory and misleading. The carpet-area may remain the same, but the built-up area of a…

Nirman Developers defy RERA Orders, avoid refunding Viviana flat-buyer

Mumbai, 22 May, 2018: Those who have purchased flats from Nirman Realtors & Developers Pvt Ltd (NRDL) should become alert after seeing the builder's blatant defiance of RERA orders, and their tricks to avoid repaying a home-buyer Rs 18 lakhs plus interest. The case of home-buyer Suvarna Deokule, who is a teacher singlehandedly raising her two children, speaks for itself. Suvarna bought a flat for herself and her two children in Nirman Viviana, Neral, and paid close to Rs 18 lakhs in various installments in 2015, because she was informed that she would get possession before 15th December 2015. However, as possession was not given until 2018, Suvarna filed a complaint before RERA, seeking to withdraw from the project.

Rajendra Sawant of Nirman Group filed an affidavit-in-reply, pleading that the delay in possession was due to ban on sand mining, etc.
On 28th February, 2018, BD Kapadnis gave a clear order in Suvarna's favour, directing Nirman Group to refund her dues with 1…

Rejoinder of Nirman Realtors & Developers re: RERA orders to refund Viviana flat-buyer

Below is the emailed rejoinder (and subsequent exchange of correspondence) relating to this article about Nirman Realtor's non-compliance of RERA orders on Viviana project, Neral.
Dear Mr. Krishna Rao,

It appears that either you have received incomplete information or you have distorted the facts relating to the issue involved in the matter. Some relevant facts relating to the case are as under:-

The Complainant, Suverna Deokule approached the RERA authority with false and misleading statements on oath inter-alia that in the Agreement for Sale dated 7th May 2015, the Respondent has mentioned the composition of the subject flat as 1 BHK instead of 1RK.

Answer:-The Complainant suppressed that firstly in the agreement no where it is mentioned that flat agreed to sale to the complainant is 1 BHK as falsely alleged. Secondly, in the Agreement for Sale, the Nirman has annexed floor plan of the building Block No.3 at Annexure F therein clearly showing that the flat purchased…

Beware of Omkar Alta Monte's unfair terms & conditions!

Mumbai, 17th May, 2018: When you pay a token of Rs 5 lakh and fill up an application form for booking a flat in Omkar Alta Monte (situated on Western Express Highway, Malad East), you enter into contract with Omkar builders, right? Right, because you are bound by the contract as soon as your money goes into their bank account. If you cancel the transaction, whatever you paid will be forfeited. As much as Rs 30 to 60 lakh is the token or "application fee" for a 3BHK costing Rs 3 crore, and you can lose all that money if you try to cancel the transaction. 

It seems reasonable to expect that Omkar builders are also bound by the same contract to sell the flat to you, right? Wrong, because Omkar Realtors are NOT contractually bound to sell you the specified flat, or any flat for that matter. They can reject your booking even two months after you paid the initial token amount. Omkar does not have to give you any reasons for rejection, and you have no right to ask. Adding insult…

Proof that Bhagtani has liquidity & EOW has NOT freezed all accounts!

Mumbai, 10th May, 2018: Hundreds of cheated home-buyers of Bhagtani builders (also known as Jaycee Homes and JVPD Properties) are running from pillar to post, trying to recover lakhs and crores of rupees that they paid for booking flats. Circumstances have led most victims to believe that Diipesh, Mukesh and Lakshman Bhagtani have no money. People have become almost convinced that over Rs 450 crore collected towards Riyo, Sapphire, Serenity and Savannah projects has somehow magically vanished like water poured on desert sand. "EOW officers say that they have freezed all the accounts, and all accounts have zero balance," say victims who are in regular touch with the police.

But if this is true, then how did Bhagtani repay an SBI loan of Rs 12.40 crore in April 2018? Look at this screenshot from Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) website:

If you can't believe your eyes, read this Certificate of Satisfaction of Chargeissued by Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Yes, Jaycee Ho…

Marina Cliff-Haven Articles dated 05/02/2018 & 07/05/2018 stands withdrawn

Mumbai dated 7th day of October, 2018: After making enquiry and after going through the documents provided by Enamour Realty Pvt. Ltd. and Sunvenn Advisors Pvt. Ltd., it is clear that there is no connection between Enamour Realty Pvt. Ltd. and Sunvenn Advisors Pvt. Ltd. on the one hand and Prachin Hotels Pvt. Ltd. on the other hand in respect of the Project ‘Cliff Haven’ at Alibaug.

The above Articles viz. “Flat Buyers Beware: Alibaug Cliff Haven is Marina Scam Reloaded” dated 05/02/2018 and RCL-RBIL Realty Scam: who all are part of this Crime Ring?dated 07/05/2018 were published on wrong and untrue information furnished to me. In view of the above, the aforesaid Articles published on this case stands withdrawn. We regret for the inconvenience caused to Enamour Realty Pvt. Ltd. and Sunvenn Advisors Pvt. Ltd. and their Directors.
ISSUED IN PUBLIC INTEREST BY Krishnaraj Rao 9821588114