Thursday, 16 April 2015

Saakshee's Religion -- A conversation about Gawd

There was a time, about 7 years ago, when my blogger nickname was Friendly Ghost or FG. And just to debunk the myth that I am always a serious-minded person, I want to repost this blog about a chat that I had with a bubbly blogger-buddy whose nickname was Saakshee.

March 12, 2007: Those of you who are privileged to know the quirky Saakshee know that she's looking for e-pals now. There ain't nobody on this iLand who has a cyber-libido like her, and who has as large an appetite for cyber-flirting as she does.

But here's some breaking news: until Friday, it seemed as though she was devoutly an atheist who turned up her nose at the Hallowed Spirit. But one found that she falls down most ardently before Him. Indeed, she wishes to embrace Him with a passion.

How did a ghost make this startling discovery? While chatting with her of course! Read on:

FG: So you don’t wanna talk serious tomorrow?
Saakshee: NO
FG: You wanna flirt as usual?
Saakshee: YES
FG: okeedokee…
Saakshee: Thank Gawd for the nth time
FG: I thawt you didn't believe in Gawd!!!! But if I keep making you thank Gawd, that’s good!
Saakshee: in GOD but I believe in GAWD -- OH MY GAWD!!!!
FG: Gawd is good. I’m henceforth gonna spell G*d as Gawd in all my posts…    so help me Gawd.
Saakshee: YEAH
FG: See, G*d is a straightfaced, boring guy. Gawd, on the other hand, has a bawdy sensayuma.
Saakshee: YES
FG: G*d wears flowing robes…
Saakshee: Ah now u r thinkin
FG: He has a flowing beard… And He has no dingdongs under them robes and beard.
Saakshee: hahahaha. Asexual huh?
FG: Yeh, G*d is totally asexual -- He has no nuts whatsoever.
Saakshee:                   teehee
FG: But Gawd has a huge hard-on making a tent in His flowing robes… And a wicked grin hiding behind his flowing beard.
Saakshee: and every one says seeing that OH MY GAWD!!!!
FG: Yup! You got it! Gawd is a terrific lover…
Saakshee: WELL well, I love Gawd. GAWD!
FG: Eternal appetite for sex -- eternal and infinite.
Saakshee: Yeah orgies and divine music and all sorts of creative stuff happening all over
FG:  And since almost every creature that I can think of lives to f**k… Gawd must be the guy responsible!!! He inspires the search for the ever-bigger orgasm!!!
Saakshee: YES the giant PHALLUS SYMBOL that he is... hahaaha
FG: Yup! Sh**linga is just the tip of Gawd’s giant iceberg. ;) Hahahahaaa
Saakshee: hahaha u speak sacrilege teehee
FG: Nah… I speak of our Gawd… Gawd of the 21st century!!
Saakshee: u r a brahmin?
FG:  Yup. Am a brahmin.
Saakshee: so sacrilege! That Sh**linga pales in comparison to GAWD’s Almighty dick
FG: Abso- bloody-lutely!!!
Saakshee: hahahaha
FG: So let’s forget G*d… Let’s all fall down and worship Gawd!!!
Saakshee: gladly Yeah!!! but tell me u r religious right?
FG: Verry religious. I love Gawd. He’s my bestest friend. I’m happy to have made a Believer of an agnostic woman!!!
Saakshee: That u did! Teehee.

So there you have it — a totally sacrilegious, blasphemous discussion about G*d with the queen of cyber-raunch.

Or maybe it was a totally reverent, awestruck discussion about Gawd! May Gawd preserve our eternal souls from eternal damnation in a sexless hell!! May He elevate our souls to a heaven where sexy music plays, hips gyrate and souls joyfully mingle throughout eternity!

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