Judicial delays kill 10 witnesses daily

Unlike the US justice system which has a "witness PROTECTION program", Indian judiciary has a "witness ELIMINATION program". Our courts systematically defeat the good intentions of witnesses, failing which they eliminate the witnesses themselves. They create conditions where witnesses are rewarded for turning hostile, and severely punished for being honest.
At great personal risk and inconvenience, witnesses appear before the court in murder trials or trials involving offenses committed by rich and influential people (such as Salman Khan's hit-and-run case). But rather than recording the witnesses' statement at the earliest, judges mechanically give tareekh pe tareekh for many months and years...
until the witnesses' stop being cooperative,
or their memory fades,
or they are intimidated and choose to keep quiet,
or they sink into debt and financial distress, and stop coming to court,
or they accept money to change their story,
or they are silenced forever by death -- whether suicide, murder, accident or old age.
Nationwide, thousands of witnesses are silenced every year. Their voices are lost due to judiciary's callousness and negligence. And truth & justice go for a toss. These are the victims of the judiciary.
TAREEKH PE TAREEKH isn't just a harmless indulgence, it is a heinous crime. It is criminal negligence amounting to murder and abetment of suicide.
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