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Prossies hit by demonetization: Who gives a fuck?

Kamathipura sex workers have been hit by demonetization. But madamji, who gives a fuck?

Bhakts are Swayam-sevaks! They have no need for you. You prossy women have no right to breath the same air as them pracharak men! You are dirty women, they are righteous men. You don't belong to Swacch Bharat! Vande Mataram! Get lost! Shoo!!!

Our great leader Modi-ji is so great, woh purush hee nahin hain! Maha-purush hain!

The only time Modi-ji gets an erection is when he dreams of a great India that looks and feels like Ayodhya at the time of Lord Rama. He doesn't have any biological or psychological need for women. Even the thought of women is like chee-chee-chee for our great and visionary leader!!!

So get lost, prossies! Shoo! Disappear! Vanish! Go find another universe!

Krishnaraj Rao

PM Modi's "Spank Bharat" Abhiyan

On New Year's eve, Modi-ji will make a surprise announcement, ordering that every Indian should be publicly spanked by the police. Bhakts will be seen lining up with bare bottoms in front of police stations, and advising us that it is every Indian's patriotic duty to accept their spanking gracefully and gratefully, so that the corrupt black-money hoarders get a spanking.

"No other leader since Independence has had the great vision or the daring to spank the black-money hoarders," the bhakts will proclaim. "Surely, after this spanking, nobody will dare to accept bribes or hoard black money again," they will argue, telling all of us khangresis, sickulars and leftists to take our pants off.

After three days, our great prime minister will appear on television, shedding tears of joy and pride about how millions of Indians with reddened and bruised bottoms had so much faith in him. "My 56-inch chest swells with pride when I see so many 56-inch …

RBI is jumping the gun, causing law & order problems at banks

New Delhi, 26th November, 2016: RBI was causing public unrest outside bank branches by publicly announcing measures before delivering the relevant notifications, guidelines and conditions to bank branches, said the Harvinder Singh, General Secretary of All India Bank Officers Confederation (AIBOC), In an exclusive interview with Varun Krishna, Mr Singh criticized the Reserve Bank  specifically for a premature announcement that those with weddings in the family could withdraw Rs 2.5 lakh cash. Bank branches could not comply, as they were yet to receive the Reserve Bank's notification, and the public vented its anger and frustration on the bank officers, the trade union leader pointed out.
"Law and order outside the bank branches is to be looked after by us (officers)," said Harvinder Singh. "One of two policemen cannot control the mob. When people come inside, there are issues because they have advance information of RBI guidelines that have been issued. However, bank…

Banking Industry is Paralyzed: Bank Officers' Union

New Delhi, 26th November, 2016: "As a trade union of officers' cadre which is running the banking industry, I have certain issues regarding implementation," said Harvinder Singh, General Secretary of All India Bank Officers' Confederation. "The problems of our officers, common man and our customers should have been taken more seriously, because we the officers are working at the ground level. We know how the functioning of the branches can be improved. We know how our customers are suffering, and what is the cost of the demonetization process.

Click here to listen to the recorded interview.

"All our officers working in all the branches and offices are involved only in this process. The entire banking industry is paralyzed. Everybody is doing only demonetization work. The business of banking is totally affected. We are not able to deal with the normal business. Our officers are facing lots of problems on the personal and social front, being forced to work 12…

Gujarat: Harijan family Flees from Terror of Honour Killings

Patan, 25th November 2016: Fearing for their lives due to death threats by a Patel family, a newly wedded couple and the bridegroom's family of six Harijans (Scheduled Caste) have fled their village in Gujarat's Patan district on 16th November, andare hiding in faraway towns and villages. The death threats started on the afternoon of 16th November, when 21-year-old Vishal Chawda – a graduate -- married his school classmate Khushbu Patel. Khushbu's father Ganpatbhai Gangaram Patel had evidently planned to get her married off on 25th November i.e. today, along with her sister. Khushbu, who clearly had her own plans for her life, secretly got wedded to Vishal Chawda on 15th November in a private ceremony, and their marriage was registered in Ahmedabad on 16th November. Then the newly-wedded couple went underground. The parents and other relatives of Vishal Chawda, who lived and earned their livelihoods in Dhinod Village (Taluka Chanasma, District Patan), had no choice but to…

How Modi allowed Black Money to Escape Abroad before Demonetization

Before demonetization, Modi Sarkar actually changed the rules to allow black money to be taken out of India and parked abroad. Well-planned structured money laundering was enabled by Modi Sarkar before banning 500 and 1000 denomination currencies.

Details of Modi's actions over the last two years:

1) One week after Modi's taking office as prime minister on 26 May 2014, RBI Increased the LRS (Liberalized Remittance Scheme) slab to USD 125,000, on Jun 03, 2014. Read this RBI circular:

2) Exactly one year after Modi became PM, LRS slab was further increased to 250,000 USD on 26 May 2015. Read this RBI circular:

{How and by whom are funds transferred outside India? Read details here:

Why are funds generally transferred abroad under Liberalized Remittence Scheme (LRS)? Read, and also

Lots more information, especially specific notifications, can be fou…

Modi's next big surprise: declare Emergency

16th November, 2016: Prime Minister Narendra Modi's next big surprise may well be to declare a state of National Emergency. Here's how Modi's game plan for declaring Emergency can play out, step-by-step:

1) Thanks to demonetization, millions of tiny marginal businesses around the country, such as hawkers, tailoring shops, roadside tea-shops, cycle-rickshaws, fish-vendors, etc. will not be able to bear the loss of a few weeks livelihood due to our present "cashless" state, and they will close down.

2) Millions of vegetable farmers and small dairy farms which supply perishable goods like eggs and chicken will suffer terrible losses due to spoilage of their goods, which regular consumers will avoid buying simply because they have no cash.

3) Widespread business failures, cash shortages, joblessness and hunger will cause desperation, strikes and rioting.

4) Modi's right-wing bhakt army will brand these strikers, rioters and looters as anti-national, unp…

Nawaz Sharif proposes Modi for Nishan-E-Pakistan Award

Nawaz Sharif is highly impressed with Narendra Modi's achievement.

With one single announcement of demonetization, Modi achieved more than Pakistan could do for decades!

He virtually brought the Indian economy to its knees, and dealt such a body blow to the economy that business confidence and GDP growth will take many years to fully recover!

"You idiots could not achieve in decades what Janaab Modi has achieved with one single announcement!" the Pak premier scolded his trusty band of terror chiefs. "And so, I am determined that this year's Nishan-e-Pakistan award -- our highest civilian award -- should go to Janaab Narendra Modi!" he anounced.

"With one masterstroke, he has achieved what you bumbling idiots repeatedly failed to achieve with funding, arms and counterfeit notes worth millions of dollars! Wallah! What a brilliant idea! What a man this Narendra Modi is! Wah! Wah! Dil khush kar diya!" Nawaz Sharif exulted.

આગા ખાનના અનુયાયીઓનું હોદ્દેદારો દ્વારા શોષણ

ઔરંગાબાદ, 11 નવેમ્બર 2016: અનેક ધાર્મિક સમુદાયોમાં સામાન્ય લોકોવિરોધ દર્શાવા માટે ડરે છે, અને તેમના આગેવાનો (હોદ્દેદારો) તેમનું શોષણ કરે છે. ૮૦ ખોજા પરિવારો (ગુજરાતના ઇસ્માઇલી મુસ્લિમો, જેઓ આગા ખાન અનુયાયીઓ છે), ઔરંગાબાદમાં શાંતિપૂર્ણ રીતે તેમના દુઆ બંદગી નો મૂળભૂત અધિકારમાટે લડી રહ્યા છે. તેમના પર અન્યાય કરનારા છે અઝીઝ અબ્દુલ્લા સુરાણી, જે મુખી તરીકે ઓળખાતા સ્થાનિક હોદ્દેદાર છે અને સમીર રામઝનાલી મોતી, જે કામડીયા તરીકે ઓળખાતા સ્થાનિક હોદ્દેદાર છે. પૂર્વ મુખી રમઝાન શેર મોહમ્મદ ચારણિયા, અને અન્ય કેટલાક લોકો, જે ઇસ્માઇલી સમુદાયમાં ઊંચા સ્થાને છે, તેઓપણ આ ધાર્મિક-આર્થિક કૌભાંડમાં સંડોવાયેલા છે. (આકસ્મિક રીતે, અઝીઝ અબ્દુલ્લા સુરાણી તાજેતરમાં આવેલી, જુહી ચાવલા અને શબાના આઝમી અભિનિત બોલિવૂડ ફિલ્મ ‘ચોક એન ડસ્ટર’ના સહ-નિર્માતા છે.)
ડિસેમ્બર 2015માં, હોદ્દેદારોએ દાયકાઓ જૂના ફઝલપુરા જમાતખાના (સમુદાયના દુઆ બંદગી કરવાના હોલ) ને તાળું મારી દીધું અનેઔરંગાબાદના ખોજા પરિવારોને ૧૨ કિમી દૂર આવેલા પાડેગાંવ ના જંગલ વિસ્તાર આસપાસના એક અનધિકૃત બાંધકામ હેઠળના માળખમાં દુઆ બંદગી કરવાની ફરજ પાડી. આ અનધિકૃ…