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Draft consent terms for Bhagtani Serenity Victims

Mumbai, 9th September, 2018: Victims of Bhagtani Serenity are experiencing a powerful current sweeping them towards settlement with the Bhagtani builders. What the builders want is a clean chit i.e. withdrawal of criminal complaints, quashing of FIRs, and closure of proceedings under Negotiable Instruments Act. What they are offering in exchange is conveyance of Serenity project land and/or transfer of development rights in favour of "Serenity Welfare Association".
Invitation to the first meeting of this association is being circulated on Whatsapp. It says:
Dear All,
Expect to be held on 23 September 2018.....
All Serenity  Member's (Buyers) are Requested to Attend.....
Time: BTN 10:00 -11:00 AM
Venue : Serenity Plot or as Decided by Member's (Buyers)

Has this association been formed and registered? Has a civil case already been filed by this association? It is doubtful. But it appears that the leaders of this as…