Happy Republic Day 2020. Salute to those resisting CAA and NRC

While singing the national anthem and saluting the Indian flag on Republic Day this year, let us stand in solidarity with the lakhs of citizens who are fighting and struggling to protect our Constitution and our citizenship. Those participating in the mass movement against CAA and NRC are not less courageous than our soldiers who fight enemy forces at the borders. The risks of injury, death, imprisonment etc. for those participating are grave -- perhaps physically less so than the hazards endured by soldiers. But they face grave social and political hazards -- the hazards of being singled out and punished with abuse of police powers and judicial machinery.

Those of us who aren't braving the cold at Shaheen Bagh or Lucknow's Clock Tower like thousands of our brothers and sisters, must salute their sacrifice while singing the national anthem this year. #CAA #NRC #RepublicDay2020 #NationalAnthem IN SOLIDARITY Krishnaraj Rao 9821588114 and 8169471229

Are you SUBJECTS OR CITIZENS of India? Modi-Shah's divide-and-rule exposed

The dirty politics of CAA and NRC are tearing the people of India apart. Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are manipulating the people's minds, and driving a wedge into Indian society to serve their own ends. The common public of India are being systematically convinced that they are subjects of a monarch i.e. Narendra Modi, rather than citizens of a democratic country. The citizens of India, who are trying to hold Modi-Shah accountable for their actions, are being opposed by the "subjects", who feel offended that their king is being "insulted". People of India are being manipulated by BJP's IT Cell into thinking that the people who question the government are anti-nationals, and that violence against them is justified. The politics of India is rapidly deteriorating and sliding towards a totalitarian government, where Modi will be anointed as the undisputed king, who grants or takes away the fundamental rights of his subjects at will.

Citizenship Amendment Act an…