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How to escape from Lodha's "Sales Trap" without losing money

18th June, 2019, Mumbai: Many flat-buyers of Lodha Group's various projects -- especially Palava City, New Cuffe Parade and World Towers -- want a refund. They want to cancel their deal, and get their money back with interest. The usual reasons are: (1) build quality issues (2) delayed possession (3) carpet area deficiency (4) unfair trade practices (5) unauthorized or improperly authorized construction (6) mis-selling and false promises.

But getting money back from Lodha is difficult. The terms and conditions mentioned in the application form, allotment letter and agreement form make it clear that Lodha will retain 10% of the consideration amount, and make a lot of other deductions too.

So, how to get back your refund without losing a lot of money?

Well, friends, here is something you can try. There is a big loophole in Lodha's agreement format for various projects. It is a clause designed by Lodha's lawyers to trap customers, but this same clause can be used by you to …

Lodha World Towers: 35 floors may be demolished @ World View & World Crest

Mumbai, 11th June, 2019: Unnoticed by investors, Lodha's dream of building a 441-metre 117-storey tower called World One -- supposedly the "world's tallest residential tower" -- has been given a quiet burial. For a whole decade, builder-politician Mangal Prabhat Lodha, after strategic acquisition of the land-rich Shreeniwas Cotton Mills Ltd, moved heaven and earth to get height permission for constructing a 441 metre World One tower, protruding into the flight path of planes taking off and landing from Mumbai's Santacruz Airport.  Airport Authority of India (AAI) bluntly refused to play ball. For nine years, AAI has resisted Lodha's persistent lobbying efforts, and given him permission for only 285 metres. So, after constructing over 80 floors in 2015, Lodha had to demolish the top floors; currently, World One is only 76 storeys high. 

But Lodha is still encroaching on Mumbai's aviation space. Although Airport Authority explicitly said that the other tower…

Our Correspondence with Lodha about World Towers Height Article & Video

Mumbai, 11th June, 2019: Below, I reproduce our complete correspondence with Lodha regarding this article ( and this video ( about the unauthorized height of World Towers, Upper Worli, Lower Parel, Mumbai. I am putting these facts before the public domain at great personal risk. Because of the content that I am making public today, there is every possibility of my being falsely prosecuted, not only for defamation but also for criminal offenses like blackmail and extortion. Indeed, a well-orchestrated publicity campaign has been going on to discredit my sources and impute malafide motives to them, and to prosecute them.
Our correspondence leading upto today's publication is as below: 1) Our emailed request for rebuttal From: Krishnaraj Rao <>
Date: Tue, Jun 4, 2019 at 8:23 PM
Subject: Draft Article / Press Release on Lodha World Towers for your rebuttal / rejoinder

To: <abh…

Anita Wadhawal's story: Human Rights violation by Labour & Industrial Court, and Danish Company FLSmidth

30th May, 2019, Mumbai: It seems that for nearly seven years, Indian judiciary has been struggling with one riddle, and that riddle is this: Was Anita Wadhawal a "workman", entitled to protection of the labour laws of the state? Or wasn't she? It would appear that after endless proceedings stretching from June 2012, and examining witnesses and documentary evidences, the court is still not able to decide whether she is a workman or not.

Labour Court, Thane, has conclusively come to the finding that she is indeed a workman, and that her employer, Danish company FLSmidth, are guilty of Unfair Labour Practices. But the company has suffered no adverse consequences. On the other hand, Anita Wadhawal has been utterly ruined. Compelled to stay out of employment in order to avoid dismissal of her plaint, she has suffered total loss of income for seven years. As the sole earning member of her family, with aged parents and a handicapped brother as dependents, Anita has watched hel…

Old Police compliant dated 5th June 2015: Call received from person claiming to be Ravi Pujari from Australia

Mumbai, 12th May, 2019: I am posting the below emailed police complaint made on 5th June, 2015 on my blog, merely for the record. I am not anticipating any threat from this person, but I want it to be on my blog as a matter of public record.

Below is a copy-paste of my email sent on that day.


From: Krishnaraj Rao<>
Date: Fri, Jun 5, 2015 at 8:04 PM
Subject: Call received from person claiming to be Ravi Pujari from Australia
To: Police Commissioner <>, Joint Commissioner of Police, Traffic Mumbai <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, Chief Minister office <>, <chiefminister@maharashtra.go…

Blocked Video URLs








Legal Documents of Defamation & Contempt Cases against us - Lodha Developers Limited v. Krishnaraj Rao & Ors - Suit (L) No. 70 of 2019

Mumbai, January 23, 2019: The Defamation case against us (Krishnaraj Rao, Shilpi Thard & her husband Amit Jaisingh) filed by Lodha Developers Limited, and subsequent proceedings including Contempt, are uploaded on this link:

(PS: One critical document is missing in this folder, namely the actual Defamation plaint and pleadings i.e. Notice of Motion no. 152 in Suit No. 70 of 2019. I will upload this at the earliest. I will also upload scan of my Affidavit-in-reply to this plaint, as filed before Bombay High Court at the first hearing two days ago on 21st January.

Below is the soft-copy/draft of my Affidavit-in-reply. (I am publishing it here for the understanding of the public. Having been filed before the High Court, it is already a public record, and so my disclosure of these documents here will hopefully not be construed as defamation/contempt.)