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Exposed: How Estate Agents make false claims to trap societies going for redevelopment

What Fresh Documents & Videos reveal about the Concrete Sire Sukan scam – part 1Mumbai, October 1, 2015:  Mumbai is full of redevelopment activity that feels less like an honest business, and more like hostile takeover or creeping acquisition of flat-owners' assets. Cooperative housing society members who are at the receiving end of  such takeovers should read this article to understand how exactly this activity is carried out. Interesting documents and videos have been released by the motley bunch of builders and estate agents engaged in a hostile takeover of Shree Gurukrupa Nagar Cooperative Housing Society in Mulund West. In late 2013 or early 2014, Bharat Talesara alias Jain, an estate agent or “redevelopment consultant”, approached the office bearers of Shree Gurukrupa Nagar CHS and convinced them to let him handle their redevelopment. The office-bearers agreed to rig the society's tendering process and select him. To facilitate this rigging, Atul Mehta (B.E. Civil), …

How Builders Hijack Redevelopment Projects -- step by step

Dirty Tricks of Developers, Managing Committees and Project Management Consultants

Mumbai, 8 September 2015: Some residents of a cooperative housing society in Mulund have painstakingly documented step-by-step how builders, project management consultants and society office bearers work together to hijack the flats of even intelligent and educated flat-owners, and hand them over to third parties. In a letter sent to Municipal Commissioner Ajoy Mehta last week, seven residents of Shree Gurukrupa Nagar Co-operative Housing Society Limited on Nahur village road have alleged that their society's Secretary and other managing committee members have abused their power and influence to confer the society’s development rights on a business entity called “Concrete Siresukan Realty LLP” which did not even bid in the society’s tender. “Neither this LLP nor its designated partners, Mr Anuj Desai and Mr Nilesh Dalal, participated in the tender/bidding for the society’s redevelopment project.  &qu…