Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Judiciary -- Biggest HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATOR in India

Who is biggest human rights violator in India? Judiciary. Why? Because...
With the barest-minimum loincloth of "due process of law", our judiciary deprives thousands of people of their Life & Liberty every month, And it keeps them in jail month after month, without a trial.
Corruption in magistrate's courts and sessions court is well know and widespread. People who can't afford to pay BAIL, BRIBES & LAWYERS' FEES stay in judicial custody for months, even years without a trial.
Evidently, everybody is fine with that. Not a squeak out of the Human Rights activists & intellectuals. Not a squeak out of the mass media.
And damningly, not a squeak out of the judges of Higher Judiciary, custodians of our Fundamental Rights!
If We The Citizens don't raise an outcry on this, SHAME ON US.
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