Friday, 17 April 2015

The Hole vs. The Whole

If you’re still looking for God, it’s because you believe God is what will fill up the gaps and holes in your life.
If you know God is what is making your life whole despite the gaps and holes, you’ve probably found God already, and have no further reason to look.

Of course, even after you’ve found God, you may keep trying to fill up the holes. That’s because you’re only human.
However, you may stop praying for God to do the job for you. That’s because you realize that it doesn’t really, really matter whether the holes are filled up or not.
But you know what? I find that not caring about the holes, and taking notice of what is whole in your life, shrinks up the holes really fast. When you’re no longer praying for stuff to put into your holes, and when you’re only praying in grateful recognition of whatever is whole in your life, the parts that are whole are nourished and grow, and the needy parts — the holes — diminish by not only losing importance but also losing size.

In this way, we have a chance to live in contentment and abundance, and not in perpetual want and misery.

This is not a backdoor escape-route from a materialist palace to the hut of renunciation. 

This is the grand front entrance to the palace of contentment that is rightfully ours. We belong here. We were born with the entitlement to live here, like members of a royal family.

So why are we living like ragpickers running after scraps outside the palace gates? Why do we hang on to these scraps as though they were true wealth? Dispell the illusion.

The palace doors are open, but your back is turned to it. You are facing the other way, towards your own want, your perennial misery.

Hear me. For just one moment, turn your back on your wants, and look at your wealth. Turn this way, please!

Note: If the tone of this comes across as messianic, guru-like, forgive me, fellow-bloggers. I don’t mean to patronize you.
It’s just that when I’m in a certain “elevated” state of mind, this feels like the only proper way to express what I feel and believe. But after returning to my “normal” state, I realize that it sounds so guruji! No wonder my friend Rasheed sometimes jokes that I’m “Sri Sri Sri (at least three times) Krishna Raj”!

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