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Six Silly (but Crucial) Questions about the Bhagtani Legal Battles

Mumbai, 1st March, 2018: Sometime today morning or afternoon, Diipesh Bhagtani will be produced before the magistrate, again, for the fourth time since he surrendered to EOW on 11th January. The magistrate may decide to keep him in judicial custody for a few more weeks, or release him on bail. We hope that the magistrate will exert pressure on Mukesh and Laxman (who are absconding) by not releasing Diipesh till they surrender... but that may be wishful thinking.

Over 2,500 families who lost their life-savings, their peace of mind, their health and their dreams of owning a flat in Mumbai, are thinking only one thing day and night: "Will we get back our money? How? When?" Meanwhile, gang members and accomplices who systematically helped the Bhagtanis to loot Rs 600 crore are roaming free, because EOW hasn't named them as co-accused in the FIRs. (It's like letting Dawood Ibrahim's shooters and hit-men go free because, hey, they were only employees doing a job!)

Story of victim of Coral Lake scam in Karjat (RCL Homes)

Mumbai, 19th February, 2018: Flat purchasers looking at booking properties in Coral Lake, Mohili Meadows, TS Harmony and Otium Club in Karjat taluka, developed by RCL Homes, please be warned, you can lose lakhs of rupees. Realliance Constructions a.k.a. RCL Homes is an unregistered entity known to be cheating large numbers of flat-buyers. Multiple cheating complaints are pending against promoters Anand and Kavita Kadam at EOW wing at CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai, Vashi police station and Raigad police. 

To understand how you can be cheated, read how Shweta and her husband Pravin Kachhawah lost Rs 3.26 lakhs by booking a flat in Coral Lake, Karjat. In August, 2012, the couple visited the project site and saw that two of the 14 buildings proposed (each with 8 flats) were in a finished state. A third building was under construction. Also the clubhouse was in a finishing stage. Seeing this, the couple were convinced that project was making steady progress. The couple met Anand Uttam Kad…

Victims of RCL-RBIL Builders unite to fight for justice

Mumbai, 8th February, 2018: Flat buyers cheated by RCL-RBIL group of builders held a meeting last Saturday (3rd Feb) at Veer Kotwal Udyan in Dadar to discuss their future course of action. About 30 flat buyers attended the meeting. The majority were from two large housing projects in Karjat taluka, named Liberty Horizons and Ten Square, where . Also represented in the gathering was Marina Alibaug, currently being marketed as Cliff Haven by Enamour Realty Pvt Ltd and Sunvenn Advisors Pvt Ltd.
Overview of the Scam

RCL-RBIL builders collected over sixty crore rupees as booking amounts in 2011-12 from Liberty Horizons, Ten Square and Marina projects, and have not delivered any flats. Seven years later, Liberty Horizons and Ten Square are at a standstill, and Marina flats are being sold to a new set of buyers by renaming the project as Cliff Haven. Real Buildcon Infrastructure Ltd, having its registered office in Vashi, is at the epicentre of this huge scam. Its associated concern, Realli…

Is Xander's Serenity Mortgage faulty without consent of Flat-buyers?

Mumbai, 5th Feb, 2018: Lately, a hotly debated topic is: Does Xander have a legally enforceable lien on the project/land of Serenity? Some Serenity flat-buyers are arguing that Bhagtani should have sought the consent of two-thirds of the flat-buyers of Serenity. They claim that RERA and MOFA required Bhagtani to seek the consent of the allottees, and since that never happened, Xander has no claim. To this, they add that they booked their flats first, and Serenity was mortgaged to Xander at a later date, in mid-2015. And from this, they conclude that they have a right and Xander has no right over the project land.
Before we get analyze the merits of this argument, let us take a step back and understand somecrucial facts about the judiciary: Civil courts are NOT forums for settling whether you have a certain right or not. You can't get very far if you go to a court and say, "This is my right, that is not his right!" Civil courts, including quasi-judicial bodies such as RE…

Marina Cliff-Haven Articles dated 05/02/2018 & 07/05/2018 stands withdrawn

Mumbai dated 7th day of October, 2018: After making enquiry and after going through the documents provided by Enamour Realty Pvt. Ltd. and Sunvenn Advisors Pvt. Ltd., it is clear that there is no connection between EnamourRealty Pvt. Ltd. and SunvennAdvisors Pvt. Ltd. on the one hand and Prachin Hotels Pvt. Ltd. on the other hand in respect of the Project ‘Cliff Haven’ at Alibaug.

The above Articles viz. “Flat Buyers Beware: Alibaug Cliff Haven is Marina Scam Reloaded” dated 05/02/2018 and RCL-RBIL Realty Scam: who all are part of this Crime Ring dated 07/05/2018 were published on wrong and untrue information furnished to me. In view of the above, the aforesaid Articles published on this case stands withdrawn. We regret for the inconvenience caused to Enamour Realty Pvt. Ltd. and Sunvenn Advisors Pvt. Ltd. and their Directors.

Krishnaraj Rao