Friday, 17 April 2015

I hate deodorant ads

June 20, 2006: I squirm whenever I see that body deo-spray ad on TV, which implies that a girl with sweaty armpits is sure to be rejected by her future life-partner. 

I’ve read versions on this ad gimmick on hoardings too, which says to guys, “SHE may be waiting to meet you at the next railway station. Are you ready?” Meaning of course, if you smell like a man, the woman in your life would get turned off.

Such ads prey on the insecurities of young men and women, and make them feel that they are intrinsically unacceptable as God and nature made them.

That’s a lot worse that the Fair-&-Lovely ads, which I feel is at least not negative. At least it doesn’t show a dark girl being rejected.

The message of deo-sprays is negative, non-reassuring, non-life-affirming. There has to be a law against making insecure teenagers even more insecure!

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