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Marina - Cliff Haven Alibag: FIR filed against builders at Vashi EOW

Mumbai, 29th June 2018: Vashi Economic Offenses Wing registered FIR yesterday against the land holders and original builders of Marina project at Alibag (now called Cliff Haven), for cheating the home-buyers, and neither delivering a flat nor refunding the money paid to them. The ones named as accused in the FIR are Kavita Anand Kadam, Anand Uttam Kadam, Vaishali Vasudev Savalkar, Pravin Hirji Thakkar, Neeta Sankhe and Sunny Khamboj. 
The directors of Enamour Realty and Sunvenn Advisors, who are builders and marketers of Cliff Haven -- which now stands on the plot where Marina project was advertised and marketed -- are NOT NAMED AS ACCUSED in the FIR, although they are mentioned in the police statement given by complainant Rajeev Khot, who had booked a flat in Marina, Alibaug. 

The FIR was made under the following sections of Indian Penal Code (IPC): IPC 406: Criminal breach of trust IPC 420: Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property) IPC 34: Acts done by several per…

Ashok Odyssey Ghatkopar: RERA orders disobeyed by Sanyam Realtors

Mumbai, 28th June, 2018: Two months ago, MahaRERA passed an order favouring flat-buyers of Bhagtani Executive, now known as Ashok Odyssey, Ghatkopar. The order by Gautam Chatterjee said, "...parties are directed to execute the agreement for sale... within 45 days from the date of this Order. While executing the agreement for sale, Respondent should adjust the amounts paid by the Complainant to its net present value taking into account the time value of money paid by the Complainant in the year 2015." 
Click here to read the RERA Order dated 26th April, 2018
This order is strictly applicable to only the complainant, namely Christina Contractor. However, this order is a huge step for all those flat-buyers who paid lakhs of rupees to Bhagtani builders for booking a flat in Executive, only to find that it was later renamed as Ashok Odyssey and taken over by Sanyam Realtors. Sanyam Realtors are basically Bhagtani's former partners "RJ Group". 
The transition of B…

Rebuttal of Sanyam Realtors for article on RERA order disobeyed

Below is the rebuttal of Sanyam Realtors to this article

From: Akshay Jain <>
Date: Thu, Jun 28, 2018 at 3:07 PM
Subject: Re: Attn Mr Akshay & Rakesh Jain: Your rebuttal is solicited to attached article
To: Krishnaraj Rao <>
Cc: RJ Group Info <>, Rakesh Jain <>

Dear Mr. Krishnaraj Rao,

We have gone through your draft article in your email dated 26th June 2018, which basically comprises of first two paragraphs of background and information about the ‘self explanatory’ order dated 26th April 2018; followed by 3 pointers of your own interpretation of the order and its discussed significance according to you; followed by two paragraphs of words and jargons to sensationalize and popularize your blog.

Accordingly, on your assurance of appending our response in verbatim, we state as under:

Reg. first two paragraphs:-

Time and again you refer us as partner of Bhagtani’s. We are two …

ShubhAtika: How Origin Realtors & Ravi Group extort money from Bhagtani victims

Mumbai, 27th June, 2018: Many FIRs have been filed at Economic Offenses Wing (EOW) against Bhagtani builders for scamming hundreds of people in half a dozen Bhagtani projects, but no FIR has been filed against them for scamming people through the projects of allied builders such as Ravi Group and Origin Realtors LLP. It is high time for such FIRs to be registered against Bhagtanis where the co-accused are Ravi Group builders Ketan Tokershi Shah and Jayesh Tokershi Shah, and also Gaurav Ketan Shah, Yash Jayesh Shah and Bhavya Jayesh Shah of Origin Realtors LLP -- a close-knit family similar to the Bhagtanis. Some Bhagtani victims duped into investing in Shubh Atika are preparing to approach EOW with complaints of cheating, conspiracy and -- most significant of all -- extortion i.e. IPC Section 383.

How extortion? By putting these flat-buyers into fear of irretrievably losing their life-savings, these builders extracted more money from them, and continue to do so.

To understand how exact…

RERA orders on Nirman's Viviana at Neral -- Early Warning Signal?

Mumbai, 6th June, 2018: Recent orders of RERA and its appellate tribunal give a ray of hope to flat-buyers of Neral Viviana and Nano City projects duped with false promises of possession in December 2015. These orders may help aggrieved buyers to seek refund with interest and compensation. However, Nirman's delay in payment may also be the first signs of impending financial failure.

Nirman's efforts to avoid refunding about Rs 18 lakhs to schoolteacher Suvarna Deokule backfired. Suvarna, a divorced mother bringing up her two children, argued her own case and got three consecutive favourable orders:
1) On 28th February, 2018, RERA member BD Kapadnis directed Nirman to refund her with 10.05% interest. Read the 1st MahaRERA order.
2) As Nirman did not comply, on 4th May, 2018, Kapadnis directed District Collector, Raigarh, to collect Suvarna's dues as arrears of land revenue. The order named the Nirman directors Kunda Suryakant Parab, Rajendra Madhukar Sawant, Ajit Shreera…