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Legal Documents of Defamation & Contempt Cases against us - Lodha Developers Limited v. Krishnaraj Rao & Ors - Suit (L) No. 70 of 2019

Mumbai, January 23, 2019: The Defamation case against us (Krishnaraj Rao, Shilpi Thard & her husband Amit Jaisingh) filed by Lodha Developers Limited, and subsequent proceedings including Contempt, are uploaded on this link:

(PS: One critical document is missing in this folder, namely the actual Defamation plaint and pleadings i.e. Notice of Motion no. 152 in Suit No. 70 of 2019. I will upload this at the earliest. I will also upload scan of my Affidavit-in-reply to this plaint, as filed before Bombay High Court at the first hearing two days ago on 21st January.

Below is the soft-copy/draft of my Affidavit-in-reply. (I am publishing it here for the understanding of the public. Having been filed before the High Court, it is already a public record, and so my disclosure of these documents here will hopefully not be construed as defamation/contempt.)


Expert article about Lodha NCP: Faulty Electrical Outlet Installation

Mr Krishnanraj Rao,

Having reviewed the video where the electrical outlets are mounted, namely , the light switch and dimmer switch.
It should be highlighted here that this method of installation does not adhere to the installation guidelines of any drywall manufacturer. What is shown in the video is a section of floor track that has been adapted on site and used in an untested method of installation.
I note that in a previous video you have stated that the board is of a Saint-Gobain brand.  In this video the board is of a Usgboral brand on what appears to be a Rondo metal stud section.  Are these partition walls in completely different apartments?? 
What drywall system manufacturer is being used in this flat? 
While it is not unusual to have different manufacturers supplying one project it is unusual to have multiple different manufacturers materials used in the same flat as if there is ever an issue with the system which system manufacturer will provide the warranty for the…

Lodha NCP: Expert opinion from an international dry-wall specialist


Lodha group's DEFAMATION NOTICE to Shilpi & me