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Rebuttal of Sanyam Realtors to article on Ashok Odyssey

30th November, 2017: Below is the exchange of correspondence that happened when we sought rebuttal from Akshay Jain and Rakesh Jain of Sanyam Realtors to this article on the position of Bhagtani's allottees in Executive, Ghatkopar, that has been registered as Ashok Odyssey by Sanyam.

From: Akshay Jain<>
Date: Tue, Nov 28, 2017 at 11:43 PM
Subject: Re: Attn Mr Akshay Jain: Requesting your Rebuttal to attached article about Ashok Odyssey
To: Krishnaraj Rao <>
Cc: RJ Group Info <>

Dear Mr. Krishnaraj Rao,

We have received an email from you today on 28th Nov. 2017, wherein you have placed before us a brief compilation of certain material gathered by you in an attempt to connect our project with other projects or JayCee group and cast an image in a different light and wherein you have sought our response with an assurance of reproducing the same in ‘verbatim’, accordingly we place our response as under:-

1.Firstly, w…

The Mysteries of Bhagtani Executive a.k.a. Ashok Odyssey


Warning! Lodha Flat Buyers may face Income Tax Nightmare

Mumbai, 20th November 2017: Buying a flat from Lodha Group can land you in deep trouble with the Income Tax Department. The small print in Lodha Group's Application Form compels you to not deduct TDS on your installments as required by law. Lodha's sales staff and Application Form illegally compels you to delegate your legal responsibility to Lodha. Such delegation can land you in deep trouble. Not only will you invite penalties from the Income Tax authorities, but worse, it can lead to scrutiny of your tax returns. Nobody in his right mind wants to invite I-T scrutiny through careless actions, but that's what can happen to you if you blindly trust Lodha's paperwork! 

As a flat purchaser, you have a statutory obligation under section 194-IA of the Finance Act to deduct tax and furnish details of your property transaction to the Income Tax department. There are no exemptions. Read this article to understand your obligation as a flat-purchaser. There is no provision al…

How Lodha Group's "Application Form" Traps Unwary Customers

Mumbai, 16th November, 2017: Lodha Group's Application Form is like a bear-trap for prospective flat buyers. When you are preparing property papers and legal documents, every single word has to be clearly understood and agreed upon. But Lodha's customers are forced to make fatal blunders in the paperwork right in the beginning. The consequence of those blunders is that Lodha Group gets a crushing grip on your balls, which it squeezes whenever it wants. If you are a Lodha customer who tried to stand up for your own rights, you may have experienced this crushing grip.

Lodha Group's insidious Application Form is not declared before MahaRERA. Lodha Group insiders never share a copy, but we have procured it. Click here to download. These are the papers you are sweet-talked into filling up in the euphoric afterglow of a site visit.

1. The Application Form reverses who is the promisor and the promisee.Lodha's Application Form turns th…

Measure your flat, Lodha Group has cheated you

13th November, 2017, Mumbai: Our first article, titled Lodha Fiorenza – Misleading RERA, Blindfolding Flat Buyers, reveals how Lodha's sales staff mis-sells the flats to customers and keeps them in the dark by denying them crucial information about the project. Our second article about how Lodha Group is defrauding flat buyers in Carpet Area has been provoking many flat purchasers to ask the right questions. But such is the strength of the LODHA BRAND that people hesitate to believe anything written against Lodha. "This can't be true," they argue. Well, we believe that seeing is believing. So, here is an actual instance of Lodha's carpet-area fraud. Below are plans of flats in Lodha Belmondo that show you clearly how much Lodha is cheating you.
"4Bed Layout (2751 sqft)"
This plan titled "4Bed Layout (2751 sqft)" was emailed by Lodha Group's sales staff. If you total up the dimensions shown in the plan, the measurement is 1815.63 without te…