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How Lodha Group exploits flat-buyers with crooked Terms & Conditions -- Case Study #1

Mumbai, 27 April, 2018: Here is a live example of how Lodha Group traps unwary flat-purchasers by imposing unfair terms and conditions. Kavita Shinde booked flat no. A401 in Casa Treetop in Lodha Upper Thane, located on Mumbai-Nashik Highway, and has been receiving extortionate demand letters to pay late-fees for a delay in payment, although she had not delayed any payment. 

Kavita booked her flat on 11th May, 2017 by paying Rs 90,000/-, and followed this up by paying Rs 3.17 lakhs on 5th June, 2017. As per the application form, the next "milestone" was executing the registered agreement. The third installment could become payable only after the registration.
Lodha Group delayed the registration until November. And then, just as Kavita was preparing to pay her next installment, she was surprised to receive a demand letter seeking late fees of Rs 40,000/- for delayed payment from July!

At first, Kavita thought that this was a genuine misunderstanding and tried to sort it out…

Taaza khabar! How Bhagtani Horizon allotees are fighting for their flats

Mumbai, 17th April 2018: Many significant developments are happening in the case of Bhagtani Horizon in Goregaon, which shows that (1) Mukesh and Lakshman Bhagtani are continuing to play an active role through RERA and courts although they are absconding from Indian law-enforcement agencies and courts (2) they are organizing their allottees through WhatsApp groups (3) they are registering Agreements of Sale where it suits them, and (4) RERA recently passed an order upholding the right of Bhagtani allottees to enter into registered agreements, and directing Bhagtani to do so.