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Proposal for RTI Activists: Go Political


Proposed: A Peaceful Path for Serenity Flat-buyers

Mumbai, 31st January, 2018: In the light of Xander's recent move to take over Serenity project under SARFAESI Act (Read Chief Metropolitan Magistrate's order dated 15th Jan 2018), it would be smart to first seek clarity from the horse's mouth on where it stands in the matter of the rights and entitlements of allottees. A corporate body like Xander is geared to give flats to the allottees by completing the project with another developer or turnkey contractor such as L&T. It is also necessary to be realistic that fund-raising, internal democracy and project management are massive challenges for a flat-owners' association. Remember that Serenity project is mortgaged to Xander, and not just the land. Bhagtani's declaration of encumbrances on RERA website also states this (Read the declaration). This is further confirmed by Xander's own public notice. Allottees are an inseparable part of the project vis-a-vis Xander and their future assignees.

Unless unavoidab…

Horizon meltdown exposes Bhagtani connection with Oyster's Tejas Tarun Vyas

Mumbai, 26th January 2018: Happy Republic Day! Bhagtani Horizon redevelopment project is in full meltdown mode, and this has special significance for all Bhagtani victims. The meltdown of Horizon project has exposed the fraudulent nexus between Diipesh, Mukesh and Lakshman Bhagtani and their close business associates Tejas and Tarun Vyas. It has given occasion for dozens of victims to file FIRs against Bhagtani while making Vyas the co-accused. You may ask why it is necessary to file such FIRs. The answer is that Tejas and Tarun Vyas of Oyster Living are deeply involved in Bhagtani's racket. Through their real estate projects such as Foresta and Foresta 2 (formerly called Serena), Tejas and Tarun Vyas have enabled Bhagtani to do money-laundering of several hundred crore rupees via the "transfer option".

The most important reason for filing such FIRs is that Tejas and Tarun Vyas are secretly the treasurers of much of Bhagtani's diverted funds. A substantial portion o…

One Bhagtani in police custody, two absconding. What next?

Mumbai, 19th January, 2018: Yesterday, Diipesh Bhagtani was produced before the Metropolitan Magistrate and his police custody was extended till Monday, 22nd Jan. He will be produced again on Monday, and possibly remanded to judicial custody for some weeks or months. Alternatively, he may be released and immediately re-arrested for Savannah and Sapphire FIRs as he doesn't have anticipatory bail. Everything depends on what the EOW bosses are thinking and how forcefully the public prosecutor argues before the magistrate. If the public prosecutor  argues convincingly, Diipesh may spend months in Arthur Road or Byculla jail.

Earlier, time was Bhagtanis' best friend. That friendshop broke last Thursday when Bombay High Court dismissed their anticipatory bail application (Read the order), and EOW arrested Diipesh Bhagtani. Now time is Bhagtani's enemy, because every passing day increases the chances Diipesh will lose his marbles during police interrogation.

The police may …

Danger of Bhagtani's "Private Sale" Proposal for Serenity

Mumbai, 18th January, 2018: Serenity is possibly the only project that has some genuine property value. Remember, Serenity project (and not just land) was mortgaged to Xander. Although they don't have registered agreements, allottees are an integral part of the project; without allottees, Serenity is just empty land. Xander is stuck with allottees that come along with the land, because it can only take over the project, and not the vacant land.

Read the relevant part of Xander's public notice to fully understand this: 

If Xander tries to dispossess the allotees of their rights, Bhagtani's bad reputation will rub off on it. On the other hand, if Xander completes the project to give flats or repayment to the allottees, it will earn great goodwill and probably decent profits also. Maharashtra government or MCGM can be persuaded to sweeten the deal with concessions in FSI, TDR. BJP and Sena can win over the vote-banks ahead of the 2019 elections, and everybody, includ…

What is hidden in Diipesh Bhagtani's "Bikini Affidavits"?

Mumbai, 7th January, 2018: Diipesh Bhagtani's two affidavits are like bikinis -- what they reveal is interesting but what they conceal is crucial. The two bikini affidavits in Bombay High Court are signed by Diipesh Bhagtani alone, in his individual capacity and not as a director of multiple corporate entities. This conceals dozens of important facts and connections. These affidavits give a superficial semblance of truthfulness and transparency, but the only thing that they do is misdirect your attention. Jo dikhta hai woh hai nahin, aur jo hai woh dikhta nahin hai. Got it?

Download and read Diipesh Bhagtani's FIRST affidavit:

This is the affidavit wherein, pursuant to the hearing held on 29th September, Diipesh, "along with other applicants", undertook to deposit Rs 22 crore in six equal installments in six months with the registrar of the high court, towards "settlement of the entire dispute" to be "paid off to the complaina…