Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Proposal for RTI Activists: Go Political

Mumbai, 31st January, 2018: After RTI Act was enacted in 2005, activists were filled with optimism that the system could be reformed. We believed that MCGM would enforce DC Regulations, Fire Safety norms, etc. if we pointed out violations by builders, hoteliers, contractors, encroachers, slumlords, politicians, etc. 

Sadly, our experiences in the last decade have proven us wrong.


1) Earlier, we believed that INFORMATION COMMISSIONERS, APPELLATE TRIBUNALS & COURTS would uphold us with straightforward interpretations of laws and rules. We were wrong. 

2) Earlier, we believed that the establishment would HONOUR AND PROTECT RTI ACTIVISTS and whistleblowers. We were wrong. People who expose wrongdoings are termed as blackmailers. They are targeted by both sides. 

3) Earlier, we believed that DEEMED CONVEYANCE would give home-owners control over their destinies. We were wrong. It only gives scope for more rampant corruption.

4) Earlier, we believed that RERA Act would solve the problems of the common man. We were wrong. RERA is misinterpreted, twisted and watered-down to suit the builders. 

5) Earlier, we believed that the COOPERATION DEPARTMENT would uphold the law protectors. We were wrong. Government departments are on the side of law-breakers.

6) Earlier, we believed that MOVEMENTS & AGITATIONS like India Against Corruption (IAC) were the answer. We were wrong. The system just waits for us to exhaust ourselves.


A new national political party has been registered, named "Janata Congress". (The name can be seen as a joke on existing political parties, or a serious effort to unify the divided political scenario.) Our activist colleague Sulaiman Bhimani has been appointed as Maharashtra State Convenor. He proposes to unify RTI Activists and citizens fighting illegal builders, etc. He proposes that Janata Congress Party can be our rallying point for fighting against illegal activities that the establishment is protecting.
Sulaiman also proposes to take up Judicial Reforms -- an issue that every existing party is shying away from. Let there be a public outcry for video and audio recording in all courts, and time-bound justice through abolition of tareekh pe tareekh

You are cordially invited to attend a meeting to debate the pros and cons of this proposal. 

Room No.104, 2nd Floor,  
All India Institute for Local Self Government 
Mayor Hall, Juhu Lane,
Andheri West 
(5 mins walk from Rly station)

Sunday, 4th February, 2 pm onwards

Come, joint in a frank-and-free discussion with Sulaiman and his activist friends such as Mohd. Afzal, Sunil Ahya, Anil Galgali and myself.

RSVP Krishnaraj Rao
Mobile 9821588114
Whatsapp 8169471229

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Proposed: A Peaceful Path for Serenity Flat-buyers

Mumbai, 31st January, 2018: In the light of Xander's recent move to take over Serenity project under SARFAESI Act (Read Chief Metropolitan Magistrate's order dated 15th Jan 2018), it would be smart to first seek clarity from the horse's mouth on where it stands in the matter of the rights and entitlements of allottees. A corporate body like Xander is geared to give flats to the allottees by completing the project with another developer or turnkey contractor such as L&T. It is also necessary to be realistic that fund-raising, internal democracy and project management are massive challenges for a flat-owners' association.
Remember that Serenity project is mortgaged to Xander, and not just the land. Bhagtani's declaration of encumbrances on RERA website also states this (Read the declaration). This is further confirmed by Xander's own public notice. Allottees are an inseparable part of the project vis-a-vis Xander and their future assignees.

Unless unavoidable, we should avoid legal battles. As per the legal position, you should be taken care of by Xander. However, Xander hasn't acknowledged this till date, and we need it to do so.

Our proposed strategy is to cooperate with Xander takeover and completion of Serenity project, on the condition that it promptly recognizes the rights of allottees with proper legal documentation.


1) Issue legal Notices to Xander to clarify their stand on Serenity Allotment Letters and Cancellation Deeds issued by JVPD Properties.

2) Conduct dialogue and negotiations with Xander based on their stand.

3) Promptly seek legal paperwork from Xander i.e. registered agreements, etc. to secure the entitlements of allottees.

4) If Xander does not cooperate, take necessary steps before appropriate legal forums.

IF YOU AGREE WITH THIS APPROACH, click here to join Whatsapp Group called "Serenity Group for Flats".

Krishnaraj Rao

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Horizon meltdown exposes Bhagtani connection with Oyster's Tejas Tarun Vyas

Mumbai, 26th January 2018: Happy Republic Day! Bhagtani Horizon redevelopment project is in full meltdown mode, and this has special significance for all Bhagtani victims. The meltdown of Horizon project has exposed the fraudulent nexus between Diipesh, Mukesh and Lakshman Bhagtani and their close business associates Tejas and Tarun Vyas. It has given occasion for dozens of victims to file FIRs against Bhagtani while making Vyas the co-accused. You may ask why it is necessary to file such FIRs. The answer is that Tejas and Tarun Vyas of Oyster Living are deeply involved in Bhagtani's racket. Through their real estate projects such as Foresta and Foresta 2 (formerly called Serena), Tejas and Tarun Vyas have enabled Bhagtani to do money-laundering of several hundred crore rupees via the "transfer option".

Bhagtani Horizon's 8-storey frame.
Construction stopped in June 2016.
The most important reason for filing such FIRs is that Tejas and Tarun Vyas are secretly the treasurers of much of Bhagtani's diverted funds. A substantial portion of the funds that rightfully belong to the flat-buyers is lying in the bank accounts or vaults of the Vyas duo, and of their registered corporate entities such as Oyster Living and Tarunbharti Constructions, and unregistered partnership entities such as VV Realty.

Registering FIRs wherein Vyas and Bhagtani are named together as accused will mandate the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) to investigate their deep nexus. By keeping a very low profile, the Vyas duo has so far escaped the attention of Bhagtani victims, the authorities and the media, despite being at least ankle-deep, and more probably neck-deep, in the Bhagtani scam. Bhagtani has made consistent efforts to divert attention away from the Vyas duo. But now, the implosion of Horizon project may help to put the spotlight on Vyas and expose the money-trail.

New signage showing takeover by
Oyster Living / Tarun Bharti
Horizon and four other registered projects of Jaycee Homes are a constant reminder that RERA registration is not a guarantee of a good project. Bhagtani registered these projects with an intention to cover up their scam.

How Horizon was a Bhagtani Scam

After demolishing the original four-storey building of Udayachal Goregaon Cooperative Housing Society (pursuant to a development agreement signed in April 2013), Jaycee Homes erected eight floors of the new building called Bhagtani Horizon. The ongoing construction activity was useful for maintaining the illusion that Bhagtani was an active and successful builder, and also to offer "transfer option" to flat-buyers of Serenity, Riyo, Sapphire and Savannah.

However, after "transferring" around 42 flat-buyers to Horizon, Bhagtani stopped the construction activity in mid-2016. With almost every transfer, Bhagtani managed to squeeze a few more lakhs from the people who had already been cheated of several lakhs in their first flat purchase.

The public notice issued on
Saturday, 20th Jan, 2018,
severing all ties with
Bhagtani and Vyas.
Entry of Vyas into Horizon

In the wake of multiple Bhagtani scams being publicly exposed in the latter half of 2017, Tejas and Tarun Vyas seem to have convinced the helpless members of Udayachal Goregaon CHS and the transferred flat-owners that they would take over and complete the project. Why? Supposedly because Bhagtani had stood by them in hard times, and now they wanted to return the favour.

In October-November, when Diipesh Bhagtani was employing various diversionary tactics in Bombay High Court to avoid getting arrested, his close "family friend" Tejas Tarun Vyas was calling all the allottees one by one and informing them that he was now the owner of the Horizon project. It is interesting to note that in order to avoid uncomfortable questions, he did not call them together in a meeting,  "Bhagtani has transferred the project to me, and now onwards you have to make all future payments to me," he informed them. 

"We will start work in one month," Vyas assured the flat-buyers. "Parallelly, all registered agreements with Bhagtani will be transferred in my name, and RERA will be informed for transfer," he said. These were all verbal assurances; nothing was given in writing.  

In November 2017, committee members of Udayachal Goregaon CHS were temporarily fooled into formally assigning Bhagtani's development rights to Vyas. But it took only a few weeks for them to come to their senses and realize that they had been fooled. Bhagtani was no longer in a proper legal position to dispose of any assets, being persona non-grata in the eyes of law. The society may have been advised by legal brains that the bid by Tejas Tarun Vyas / Tarunbharati / Oyster Living to semi-officially take over the unfinished redevelopment was basically unlawful. Bhagtani's recent property transactions would likely be annulled and reversed by the High Court. 

The public notice issued on
Thursday, 25th Jan 2018,
to dispossess 
and claimants. 
And so, the cooperative housing society called off the deal with both Bhagtani and Vyas through a public notice in The Times of India last Saturday(20th January). 

This was closely followed by another public notice in yesterday's paper, which indicates that the society has already appointed another builder to complete the project. 

What will happen to allottees of Horizon?

There are estimated to be around 42 persons who were purchased flats from Bhagtani, usually by the transfer route. The question that arises is: will the new builder honour the allotment letters issued by Bhagtani, against payments of large amounts? Not likely! 

The new builder clearly intends to dispossess these allottees unless they take legal steps within the next 14 days to protect their rights. The second notice says, "Any entity/persons... having any right, title, benefit, claim or demand in respect of the under mentioned property and/or Existing Building... is/are hereby required to make the same known in writing, along with supporting documentary evidence, to the undersigned within 14 days... failing which such right, title, benefit... if any, shall be deemed to have been waived and abandoned, and the transaction between Society and my client in respect of the Premises will be completed.

Let us understand what kind of people these allottees are. Anil Baru (name changed) booked a flat in Bhagtani Riyo in December 2012 by paying Rs 21 lakh. He was promised possession of a flat in December 2017. In September 2013, responding to a demand, he paid a further Rs 13 lakh before going overseas to earn a living.

Anil returned in November 2014 to find that construction at Riyo site had not started even after two years. And so he started asking for a refund. By May 2015, Bhagtani had succeeded in persuading him to transfer his investment to Horizon by paying a further Rs 9 lakh. It seemed like a good idea at the time because construction work at Horizon was in full swing. So Anil paid a total of Rs 43 lakh -- nearly 50% of the total consideration value of Rs 97.5 lakh and received an allotment letter for Horizon.

Signage of Bhagtani Horizon at the project site.
Today, Anil Baru and dozens of others like him are left with a huge question mark. Will they get their flat? Or will they get their money back? 

With the latest developments, the interests of 12 flat-owners of Udayachal Goregaon CHS (i.e. rehab component of Horizon) have been pitted against the interests of flat-buyers of Bhagtani (i.e. sale component).

Bottomline: The land-owners of Bhagtani Horizon, have taken legal steps to reclaim their rights over their land. The flat-buyers, whose money funded the construction of the 8-storey RCC frame, must take prompt legal steps to hold on to their rights and claims. 

Both land-owners and flat-buyers must file FIRs against Bhagtani and Vyas for putting them in this pathetic situation.

Krishnaraj Rao

PS: The Horizon meltdown was reported in DNA a couple of days ago. Here's the DNA report.

Friday, 19 January 2018

One Bhagtani in police custody, two absconding. What next?

Mumbai, 19th January, 2018: Yesterday, Diipesh Bhagtani was produced before the Metropolitan Magistrate and his police custody was extended till Monday, 22nd Jan. He will be produced again on Monday, and possibly remanded to judicial custody for some weeks or months. Alternatively, he may be released and immediately re-arrested for Savannah and Sapphire FIRs as he doesn't have anticipatory bail. Everything depends on what the EOW bosses are thinking and how forcefully the public prosecutor argues before the magistrate. If the public prosecutor  argues convincingly, Diipesh may spend months in Arthur Road or Byculla jail.

Earlier, time was Bhagtanis' best friend. That friendshop broke last Thursday when Bombay High Court dismissed their anticipatory bail application (Read the order), and EOW arrested Diipesh Bhagtani. Now time is Bhagtani's enemy, because every passing day increases the chances Diipesh will lose his marbles during police interrogation.

The police may want to keep Diipesh in custody indefinitely to put pressure on Mukesh and Lakshman to surrender. Time will widen the cracks of internal disputes, lead to a weakening of family ties and cause them to betray one another.

Every passing day of Diipesh staying inside increases the chances of key henchmen like RK Kamath, Vinay Shukla and Upkar Anand spilling the beans during interrogation and turning into a police approver. Every passing day makes it more likely that Bhagtani mafia members will squeal, and their game plan will come out in the open.

Intensive police interrogation of Diipesh will reveal the paper trail and unmask key employees and business associates who abetted in defrauding, money-laundering and diversion of funds. This material will be used for for filing comprehensive chargesheets for Bhagtani's various projects.

Bhagtanis are no longer authorized to sell off their assets. Transactions such as the recent sale of their house to Mukesh's in-laws will probably be cancelled, and such assets will be seized. Sale/transfer of Bhagtani Horizon project in Goregaon to Tejas Tarun Vyas of Oyster Living, and Bhagtani Executive project in Ghatkopar (now called Ashok Odyssey) to Akshay Jain will definitely come under the police scanner, and put Vyas and Jain into trouble.  They will have much explaining to do.


In the last quarter of 2017, criminal investigations started to establish Bhagtani family's guilt, making it easier to initiate civil proceedings in 2018 for recovery of money. People keep asking why police or magistrate court cannot confiscate money from Bhagtani and give it back to flat-buyers. The short answer is: because the law does not work that way. Criminal justice system is geared for identifying crimes and punishing the guilty, and not for recovery of funds; For that, we need to approach civil forums. For more information, read this short article.

People also ask whether there is a guarantee that all the money will come back with interest. The answer is: No legal system in the world can guarantee that. Realistically, your efforts are for recovering a decent portion of the money that you lost. Please don't have false hopes.


1) To bring back Lakshman and Mukesh Bhagtani from Dubai, so that they are arrested and face trial

2) To drag the three Bhagtanis and their henchmen before criminal-justice forums, so that various aspects of their crime are fully uncovered

3) To pinpoint Bhagtani properties where flat-buyers money is stored, and have them seized and auctioned by the authorities

4) To activate civil law forums for getting maximum possible refund for flat-buyers

To recover money, Bhagtani properties will have to be seized and sold/auctioned by authorities. Much legal work remains to be done for securing such released funds for flat-buyers. 

In the end, it is the victims who will have to do all the work, because the world that we live in is not ideal. In an ideal world, if you spill a glass of milk, someone else cleans up and gives you a fresh glass of milk. In the real world, you need to roll up your sleeves, clean up the mess, order a fresh glass and pay for two glasses of milk. Sorry to pop your bubble, but this is the harsh reality.

Krishnaraj Rao

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Danger of Bhagtani's "Private Sale" Proposal for Serenity

Mumbai, 18th January, 2018: Serenity is possibly the only project that has some genuine property value. Remember, Serenity project (and not just land) was mortgaged to Xander. Although they don't have registered agreements, allottees are an integral part of the project; without allottees, Serenity is just empty land. Xander is stuck with allottees that come along with the land, because it can only take over the project, and not the vacant land.

Read the relevant part of Xander's public notice to fully understand this: 

If Xander tries to dispossess the allotees of their rights, Bhagtani's bad reputation will rub off on it. On the other hand, if Xander completes the project to give flats or repayment to the allottees, it will earn great goodwill and probably decent profits also. Maharashtra government or MCGM can be persuaded to sweeten the deal with concessions in FSI, TDR. BJP and Sena can win over the vote-banks ahead of the 2019 elections, and everybody, including allotees, get to go home happy.

This is a doable deal, especially if RERA plays a proper role.

But Bhagtani's agents are trying for a different sort of deal. Allotees are being called individually or in small groups for a confidential meeting. They are told that police and courts cannot help them, and therefore they must accept the terms proposed in the minutes-of-meeting of 16th December, 2017 at Rang Sharda. 

Terms proposed by Bhagtani:  

a) Don't initiate any new proceedings in judicial forums for at least six months. 

b) Withdraw your complaints and proceedings.

c) Sign No Objection Certificate for sale of Serenity project to a builder whose name is not disclosed. Property papers are not disclosed. Terms of the transaction are also not disclosed. Nothing is disclosed, nothing can be disclosed. But you have to sign.

d) Have faith. Don't lose faith in Bhagtanis, who are basically kind and loyal people who reward those who trust them.

In the ongoing game of chor-police, Bhagtanis and their agents are begging you to say "time-please" for six months, during which the flat-buyers, enforcement agencies and judiciary will stop chasing them. To spread this message and convince people, Bhagtanis are trying to recruit all kinds of people including EOW officers, lawyers and WhatsApp group admins as their agents. If you say time-please, Diipesh Bhagtani will sell everything at raddi prices, transfer the money abroad and disappear over the Nepal border.

It is crucial to remember that Bhagtanis are no longer in a proper legal position to dispose off any assets in India because they are persona non-grata in the eyes of law. Recent transactions, such as sale of their house to in-laws, are likely to be reversed by the authorities, and such properties are likely to be seized. Transfer of Bhagtani Horizon to Tejas Vyas of Tarun Bharati / Oyster was one such shady dealing, but the cooperative housing society called off the deal with both Bhagtani and Tarun Vyas. Today's Times Of India page 8 has this public notice.

After you read this notice, please get it into your mind that there is no quick and easy "private exit" from your situation. Whether you like it or not, the only exit for you will come from judiciary, competent authorities and enforcement agencies. Yes, they may be inefficient and corrupt, but they are still better than any private schemes such as the one that Bhagtanis are proposing. The only way for fund recovery is that Bhagtani properties will have to be seized and sold/auctioned by authorities. Admittedly, this path is difficult and full of loopholes, but even so, this is the proper way.

Possible shortcuts under RERA

For the flat-buyers of Serenity, RERA holds out hope in two directions. The fact that Bhagtani had title over this land (unlike the land of Riyo, Sapphire and Savannah) and the fact that he mortgaged it to Xander Finance, create two shortcuts for the flat-buyers.

SHORTCUT NO. 1: MahaRERA can be moved to take over the project under Section 8, which says, "Upon lapse of the registration or on revocation of the registration under this Act, the Authority, may consult the appropriate Government to take such action as it may deem fit including the carrying out of the remaining development works by competent authority or by the association of allottees or in any other manner, as may be determined by the Authority". In that eventuality, the association of allottees will have to repay Xander from the receivables of the project, and recover their dues by either taking possession of newly constructed flats, or selling them to others.

SHORTCUT NO. 2:  Flat-buyers can ask RERA to recognize Xander Finance as a co-promoter (because it has lien over the project), and direct Xander to enter into registered agreements with them, recognizing them as allottees. Since Bhagtani is unable to repay Xander's project loan of Rs 14 cr, Xander may step into Bhagtani's shoes as promoter and either complete the project, or sell it to a decent builder, who will inherit Xander's registered agreements with allottees.

Even if both these RERA approaches fail to take off, there are some other judicial solutions that the flat-buyers of Serenity can pursue. The important thing at this moment is to prevent Bhagtani from brainwashing you and using you for his purpose. 

A way to cut the bullshit

If you go to such a meeting, ask for copies of the following documents:

1) Tripartite agreement between Bhagtani, Xander and the new builder

2) Audited balance sheet of the new builder for the last three years

3) Allotment letter on the new builder's letterhead

If these three documents are provided to you, take them home and study them. Consult with lawyers and friends, and if they seem to be in order, then and only then, consider signing... but only at the bottom of the allotment letter. If their offer is genuine, they should be willing to give you these documents, and take your acceptance of the new allotment letter as your NOC, right?  But be sure, they will never, never do it; they will want you to blindly sign without giving you anything except empty promises and assurances.

SO PLEASE DON'T SIGN. If you sign, it is as good as giving Diipesh Bhagtani written permission to take all your hard-earned money and run away, and live happily ever after in the lap of luxury. 

Krishnaraj Rao

Sunday, 7 January 2018

What is hidden in Diipesh Bhagtani's "Bikini Affidavits"?

Mumbai, 7th January, 2018: Diipesh Bhagtani's two affidavits are like bikinis -- what they reveal is interesting but what they conceal is crucial. The two bikini affidavits in Bombay High Court are signed by Diipesh Bhagtani alone, in his individual capacity and not as a director of multiple corporate entities. This conceals dozens of important facts and connections. These affidavits give a superficial semblance of truthfulness and transparency, but the only thing that they do is misdirect your attention. Jo dikhta hai woh hai nahin, aur jo hai woh dikhta nahin hai. Got it?

Download and read Diipesh Bhagtani's FIRST affidavit:

This is the affidavit wherein, pursuant to the hearing held on 29th September, Diipesh, "along with other applicants", undertook to deposit Rs 22 crore in six equal installments in six months with the registrar of the high court, towards "settlement of the entire dispute" to be "paid off to the complainants and the other investors". This affidavit contained the condition based on which the three Bhagtanis got interim protection, although the undertaking was given by only Diipesh Bhagtani, without even a power of attorney from his father and brother. It was therefore null and void ab initio. In this affidavit, Diipesh Bhagtani referred to Mukesh, Lakshman and himself as individuals, NOT as directors of any corporate entities. Bhagtanis have collected and siphoned off hundreds of crores of rupees from flat-buyers through their corporate entities, and not in their individual capacities.

Naturally, there was no payment of Rs 22 crore. There was no intention of making such payment. Diipesh Bhagtani dangles money before people like a fish before cats, and he never gives it to them. This is Jadugar Diipesh's standard misdirection technique. With such misdirection, Diipesh has successfully shielded Lakshman and Mukesh Bhagtani; despite the multiple FIRs against them, they have stayed abroad for several months without the EOW and High Court even noticing their absence. They have suffered no legal consequences. With Justice A M Badar's cooperation, the first affidavit was designed to enable the three Bhagtanis to permanently escape the reach of the Indian judiciary. If people had not woken up and raised a timely hue-and-cry that got Badar removed from this case, they would have successfully escaped.

Diipesh Bhagtani has made amazing progress in the last few months of 2017. From dangling fishes in front of people, he has progressed to dangling fishes in front of the judiciary. Diipesh Bhagtani deserves punishment for making a mockery of the judicial processes. However, he also deserves a Padma Bhushan for showing the general public how easy it is to make fools of high court judges!
Download and read Dipesh Bhagtani's SECOND Affidavit:

Like the first, the second affidavit was also created to be a getaway vehicle for the Bhagtanis. The key part of this affidavit was the so-called "minutes" of the meeting held on 16th December 2017, based on which Bhagtani made the claim that "I say that in the said meeting the said 970 investors agreed to give time to me to refund the money within a period of six months... by liquidating the assets of the said entities and other assets of the directors/partners". This statement contains multiple layers of lies and deception.

Multiple layers of lies and deception:

1) Did 970 flat-buyers attend the meeting? Unlikely. The actual number may be closer to 500, because the rest of Bhagtani's 2500 victims are either not aware of the cheating that has happened (amazing but true!), or they do not wish to fight in the public arena.

2) Those who attended the meeting were flat-buyers and NOT INVESTORS. If they were investors, people would have access to all the crucial information, and control over decision-making processes regarding the fate of their own money. Unlike investors, Bhagtani's victims have zero information and zero control. Bhagtani's flat-buyers are like mushrooms: he keeps them in the dark and feeds them plenty of bullshit. By calling everybody investors in his affidavit, Diipesh Bhagtani is preparing the ground for telling more lies before the court and also covering up the lies that he has already told.

3) The people who attended the meeting DID NOT AUTHORIZE THEIR ADVOCATES to sign any settlement on their behalf, and therefore, they cannot be said to have "agreed to give time to me to refund the money within a period of six months. 

4) The last part of the sentence -- "by liquidating the ASSETS OF THE SAID ENTITIES and other assets of the directors/partners" -- that is a huge lie.

What does "said entities" refer to? Only three entities viz. JVPD Properties Pvt Ltd, MD Devcon Pvt Ltd and Jaycee Construction Co. The affidavit avoids naming 19 other entities of which Diipesh Bhagtani is a director. It also avoids naming other companies in which Mukesh and Lakshman are either individually or jointly directors.

What is crucial is: the affidavit avoids naming Jaycee Homes Pvt Ltd, which has the lion's share of immovable properties.

A. The 22 companies in which Diipesh Bhagtani is director are:

B. Probably no immovable properties in JVPD Properties Pvt Ltd:

C. Probably no immovable properties in MD Devcon Pvt Ltd:

 D. Probably no immovable properties in Jaycee Construction Pvt Ltd:

E. At least 13 immovable properties in Jaycee Homes Pvt Ltd, not mentioned in Bhagtani's affidavit:  

Are there more lies in Diipesh Bhagtani's affidavits? Yes, there are many layers of lies that we have not pointed out here. Bhagtani's affidavits are so full of lies that it would take the intervenor's counsel at least an hour to point out all of them to the judge. Judges will probably not listen patiently to intervenors' counsel for even five minutes, and that is Diipesh Bhagtani's good fortune. 

Krishnaraj Rao