Thursday, 30 April 2015

Judicial Delay -- Fatal for Senior Citizens

Judicial delay in case disposal is NOT an academic issue for ELDERLY CITIZENS, it is an issue of Protection of Life & Liberty. For them, justice delayed means justice denied literally... because they will probably be dead before they get justice!
Although elderly people are vulnerable and need judiciary's protection the most, NOBODY IN HIS RIGHT MIND WOULD ADVISE THEM TO GO TO COURT. The chances of getting relief within 8-10 years are small... unless of course they are extremely wealthy and can engage the biggest lawyers to expedite matters.
Roughly 10 percent of Indians are above 60 years. From bitter experiences, they know that courts are a futile exercise that will drain all their energy and financial resources, and are unlikely to give them anything in return.
Our judiciary is consistently failing to protect senior citizens -- people who have completed a lifetime of service to society. How can we remain silent?
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