Friday, 3 April 2015

Why JAILBIRDS don't criticize the judiciary

Undertrials and convicts in jail have maximum knowledge about the human-rights abuses that our judges and lawyers are committing on a daily basis. They must be allowed to speak. We must find a way to give them back their voices.
Miscarriage of justice is the norm in our country, not the exception. Due to multiple faults in our system, many of the people currently in jail don't deserve to be there. They are there because of an undue and unjust process.
The judiciary derives most of its power from this ancient, barbaric custom of sending people into dungeons, and depriving them of family and normal society. It has almost absolute power to jail us on one or the other pretext, and it derives its moral authority from our mind-numbing fear of being judged and found guilty of something or the other.
What is worse, We The People have blocked prisoners out of our consciousness. We have excommunicated them, and most of us believe that they are not citizens at all, but just outcasts, evildoers and worthless trash. That is our fatal mistake.
This is how our tyrannical judiciary divides us into haves and have-nots. We, who have freedom, despise the have-nots and will never speak for them. We are afraid of becoming like them.
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