Friday, 3 April 2015

Why COURT-BIRDS never criticize judiciary

Litigants and appellants, who are court regulars, know many ugly inside truths about judges. They know about courtroom politics, malpractices, habits and biases of judges, and the channels through which they are routinely approached for corruption. On a conservative estimate, there are a hundred persons in every court who are potentially whistle-blowers.
What prevents these people from actually blowing the whistle? Most of them are keeping quiet because they don't want to jeopardize their own cases.
These are the people with perfect locus-standi and cause-of-action for speaking up against the court, because they are among the most affected by malpractices and corruption. Sadly, they are silent because they feel like hostages rather than users of the judicial service provided by the nation.
It is ironic that they are keeping quiet precisely because they have so little faith in the system. And so the system goes on unchecked... because all its stakeholders are part of the conspiracy of silence for their own special reasons.
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