Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The World I want


 I keep looking for images and words that express what I feel our world should be like. Well, here’s a pic I saw on L Kini’s Rediff iland blog.

What does this picture signify?
I see humankind, having voluntarily given up all their technological achievements and all their acquisitions, all protections, comforts and clothes, bowing in the midst of the grandeur of nature.

I see people bowing before nothing in particular. (Maybe in reality they were bowing before a guru, an idol or a symbol when this picture was taken, but that need not concern us.) They seem to be bowing reverentially to the world in general, which includes themselves.

I see all of us at ease with our own nakedness and humanness. Our shame and self-consciousness is replaced by a superconsciousness, a supreme fellow-feeling, a sense of being one with all others. A serene oneness pervades this picture.

I see us all accepting one another in our nakedness and completeness, as God or Nature made us.

I see a congregation of the basic human being — people without heads held up in the arrogance of individuality. It reflects a kind of humble recognition of inner reality, which is lost in our daily battle for staying alive and getting ahead.

In this picture, I see perfect ibaadat and fakiree — perfect worship and renunciation. It brings tears of joy and reverence to my eyes. It makes me love this world and all humankind.

Bless this world, my Good Lord! Bless us all!

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