Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Rampant intellectual dishonesty in Indian Judiciary

Judiciary is the clearest sign that India’s intellectuals are still steeped in dogma and superstition. The entire legal process is commercial exploitation of our blind faith. Lawyers and judges thrive on INTELLECTUAL DISHONESTY... and the best brains in the nation are cowed down by the sheer brazenness of this dishonesty.
Please ask: How can three sets of lies cancel each other and lead you to truth and justice? But this is exactly what you are supposed to believe when you say, “I have full faith in judiciary”. Otherwise, it is contempt!
Everybody in the courts -- and especially judges – know that both defense and prosecution-side lawyers earn their fees by telling half-truths, misleading the court and the client, tutoring witnesses or intimidating them, seeking adjournments and stay orders, suppressing material facts, ensuring placement of their case before “friendly” benches, etc. etc... And yet we are supposed to believe that the whole thing ends in discovery of truth and administration of justice! How can that be?
Lawyers are liars, but judges are even bigger liars. Indeed, judges are the most straight-faced liars, hiding behind the garb of their authority and power to punish for contempt. They show by their daily actions that they don't care how long the accused persons stay in judicial custody, or how much suffering and injustice is caused by their orders. the number of families eroded and destroyed by the judiciary every year is in lakhs! And yet judges stoutly assert that they are guardians of our fundamental right to life-and-liberty!
Shame on them? No, SHAME ON US for continuing to believe in this monumental dishonesty. If this isn’t WILLING SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF, blind faith and superstition – I don’t know what is!
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