Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Prayer of a Restless Soul

Two and a half bowls of curd rice
Satiate both tongue and belly.
Yet, gazing at the world with greedy eyes,
Dreaming of swallowing it whole,
I wander hungrily.

The honest love of family
Satisfies both heart and soul.
But with truth in my heart beating steadily,
I seek intriguing lies. With heaven within reach,
I stray about restlessly.

Your serene cup I thirst, my Lord,
I crave your warm embrace.
But I cannot drink, forgive me, Lord,
From you I turn my face.
For how shall I forsake this wanton earth?
An artful, lustful, faithless woman…
Daily she wounds me, nightly she heals me,
Professing undying love for me, for everyone!
Of the smell of her bosom I’m unduly fond.
Father, how shall I ever leave her
To join you in the Great Beyond

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