Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Prayer: Mother, take my right hand... Mother, take me whole

My neglected Mother who is largely unworshipped,
You gave me dreams and daydreams
Of being your footstool when I was tiny.
I have not forgotten the ecstacy of those dreams.

Mother, decades ago, I pledged my right hand to you
And gave only my left to your rival.
Bless me then to fulfil this oath.
Let her be at arms length
May I never prostrate before her.
May I never pray to her whom the world worships.

I beg you, Mother
Don’t curse me by casting me away
Or lose me by letting me drift.
Or let me be one whom the world swayed.

Don’t let me wake up one morning, Mother,
And discover that somewhere along the way,
I mortgaged myself in bits and pieces
To the bitch goddess of wealth.

Bless me that I may watch the dance of this goddess
With amusement befitting your child, your plaything.
When she turns her face to me, let me not be charmed.
When she turns her back to me, let me not be anxious.
When it looks like she has gone, let my heart not sink.
When it looks like she has returned, let my heart not soar.

Before my words lose their sincerity,
Mother, strike me dumb.
Before my hand is sold to those
Who would have me write lies for a living,
Mother, paralyse my hands.
Before my mind becomes a plaything of the world,
Mother, let my mind melt into mud.

I have not asked anything from you, Mother
But what is my birthright.
Of that right, you shall not deny me.
Mother, I shall not be denied.

Then bring it to pass. Make it reality.
Take me entire, Mother, take me whole.

Explanatory footnote: Lakshmi as Annapoorna — blessing us with enough for our needs — is NOT a bitch goddess. She is worthy of prayer and veneration always.
But the perverted form — whom we beg for wealth and lucre – embodies our endless greed, our perpetually anxious worldly seeking and lack of faith in our own destinies. This goddess of wealth is the ‘bitch goddess’ I speak of.

I first posted this poem in May 2007. This is a re-post.

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