Sunday, 5 April 2015

Police SERVE the ruling classes and SUPPRESS the working classes

The police are law enforcers. But do they understand law? Most policemen don't.
Policemen have powers to accept complaint, detain, arrest and file FIR citing various IPC sections. They also have investigative powers to summon & interrogate possible witnesses, conduct searches etc. But, does the average cop understand anything beyond following the orders of superior officers? No.
Their hierarchy and rigidly authoritarian organizational culture -- in fact, a brutal and criminal-minded culture -- makes cops cynical and cruel. This prevents policemen from having respect for democracy and citizens.
Cops are habituated to speak the language of oppression and fear. They respect only power, not gentleness & rule of law.
The main utility of the police force is VIP SECURITY & CROWD CONTROL. Read
As a law -enforcement, investigative and crime-prevention agency, police is a TOTAL FAILURE.
The main role of police today is drawing a clear line between ordinary citizens (the masses, the subjects) and the VIP classes (the rulers). They are the main instrument of oppression in the hands of the ruling class. It's all very similar to the role of the police during the British Raj.
Unless We The People clearly understand this, we will not be able to focus on it and change it.
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