Sunday, 5 April 2015

More INJUSTICE inside courts than outside

S Rajendra Babu, former Chief Justice of India, said, “Many of our poor fellow citizens have chosen to avoid courts and other legal systems rather than face intimidation, cost and time-loss in legal proceedings.”
But it’s not only the poor! Even the middle-classes and the well-to-do have made up their mind that GOING TO COURT IS NOT A REALISTIC OPTION.
Most people go to court in the heat of the moment, or they are given false hopes by lawyers. But they soon realize that they have walked into a quicksand. They realize that there is MORE INJUSTICE IN COURT.
A few people get sucked into an ENDLESS CYCLE OF COMPLAINING against lawyers and judges, and multiplying litigations in response to their sufferings in court. The whole lives, and life-savings, of lakhs of such people are consumed by fruitless litigation.
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