Saturday, 4 April 2015

Let us shame the judges publicly for silly orders

There is a conspiracy of silence over judicial non-accountability and arbitrariness. Unless we break this silence with specific case-studies that shock the conscience of the nation, judiciary will continue to be a standing monument of injustice. So let us start putting out interesting case studies of clearly idiotic judgments and orders (naming the judges, lawyers, parties and case numbers) and make the judges afraid of being shamed publicly.
After discussing with some friends, I have decided to publish a bilingual ENGLISH-HINDI BOOK OF 250 CASE STUDIES OF MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE. Being a journalist-designer-publisher-printer, I can personally do almost all of the work -- thus minimizing costs. Each case study will be summarized in two pages -- one each in English and Hindi. The English book will be of 250 pages approximately. Likewise the Hindi version.
My promise is: I shall call a spade a spade, and write without mincing words -- never mind the possibility of being tried for criminal contempt. Each case study will have remarks of lawyers, about which laws or legal principles were violated by the judges. These lawyers will be prominently given credit, unless they wish to remain unnamed.
This whole exercise may take one year, and will require steady work of several hours per day. To make this book economically viable, I would request those who wish to have their case-studies published in the book to contribute a modest amount -- Rs 2,500/- maybe? This should enable us to print a couple of thousand copies, even without advertising support or sponsorship.
Come, let us begin. To discuss, call me on 09821588114, or email me your scanned documents on
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