Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Keeping people in Judicial custody is naked display of the power of the State

The Indian State is keeping lakhs of people in jail without a trial for months and sometimes years, all in the name of maintaining law-and-order. It is called "judicial custody".
By refusing bail and keeping people in overcrowded lockups, Indian police, public prosecutor and magistrate keep up the traditions of British ruling classes, showing the masses who is boss!
The prevalence of lengthy judicial custody exposes the WILLFUL IGNORANCE OF WE THE PEOPLE. As long as you and I are willing to look the other way and pretend to be unaware, our ruling classes will continue to systematically treat lakhs of our fellow-citizens like caged animals... until one day, it will be your turn, or mine.
If you value your freedom, raise your voice against this evil practice. Don't remain a silent spectator.
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