Saturday, 4 April 2015

Judiciary is a wolf-in-sheep's-clothing

The core values of judiciary are not just undemocratic, they are ANTI-democratic. These values are hard-wired into its DNA by its creators, the British colonialists, who used the judiciary to suppress dissent and enforce their imperialistic agenda over our country.
The natural tendency of judges is to side with those who are in power. The majority of judges are blatantly pro-establishment. They safeguard the authority of government and of big business lobbies. And they silence the common people's dissent by making us afraid of their monarchical and unreasoned authority. Judges deal with litigants as subjects, not citizens.
Judiciary is NOT the liberator of We The People. With some notable exceptions, judges are generally NOT a faithful watchdog of our fundamental rights. They continue to be instruments in the hands of oppressors – very similar to the days of British Raj.
Please awaken your critical faculties, and stop having blind faith in the judiciary.
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