Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Judges' hierarchical outlook isn't conducive to justice

The procedural delays and difficulties posed by the judiciary are NOT accidental. It is not by default, it is by design. Judiciary is designed to throw obstacles in your instinctive quest for justice. It is a tried-and-tested mechanism for INSTITUTIONALIZED DELAY & DENIAL OF JUSTICE.
Judiciary gives you INJUSTICE IN MEASURED DOSES. The mindset of judges and lawyers is NOT to discover truth and give you justice, but to mercilessly break your will and subjugate you. It is their habit to behave in this manner.
In the eyes of judiciary, we continue to be subjects -- just as we were before 1947. And that is why judiciary is not answerable to the citizens. Its true purpose is to give you the feeling that you are weak, your fundamental rights are worthless, and your life and liberty are at the whims and fancies of the ruling class.
Before Independence, our British rulers used the judiciary, police and army as instruments to suppress and silence Indians, who were their SUBJECTS, NOT CITIZENS. After our Independence, these instruments simply changed hands, and our elected government took the place of our rulers. But the culture, mindset, rules and procedures continued to be COLONIAL, NOT DEMOCRATIC.
Please stop habitually accepting this as an inevitable fact of life. It can be changed. It MUST be changed.
We must question it. Challenge it. And change it.
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