Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Indian judiciary is not a democratic-minded institution

India's judiciary is NOT a thinking institution, and it does not share our democratic temperament. The only way it allows a reformist citizen to approach it is as a litigant, through a Public Interest Litigation... but there, it sits in judgment on its own cause. Needless to say, it fails to see the need to change its self-indulgent ways.
Judiciary does not have any forum where citizens, judges, lawyers and others can sit down together and discuss as EQUAL STAKEHOLDERS. Such a forum is not possible, because of its superiority complex and self-righteousness. This institution is therefore incapable of introspection, reflection and self-correction.
This ancient fossilized institution is a repository of all the monarchical bad-habits that were discarded by the British in the last century. It has no temperament of liberalism or reformism.
It is not open to correction from government or citizens... and that is the reason We The People will have to dismantle the entire judiciary and rebuild it from scratch. Of course, it will not go quietly to its grave; it will go kicking and screaming till the very end.
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