Saturday, 4 April 2015

Indian judiciary is like brown colonialist force

In the face of colonial behaviour by the judiciary, why are we quiet? Is it because we think of these judges as "our people"? Because they are brown-skinned people with names like PD Dinakaran and KG Balakrishnan, instead of white-skinned people with names like Reginald Dyer?
Sometimes I lie awake all night, wondering: Are we quiet because we fear that we may destabilize the nation if we rise up in revolt? Are we docile and obedient because in our own hearts, we consider contempt of court to be such a grave offence, that the continuous injustices meted out by 19,000 judges to lakhs of people seem to be OK in comparison? Are we failing to unite because the fear of going to jail overwhelms us?
Is this an enemy that we cannot fight because it disguises itself as part of our democratic governance structure? Because fighting this enemy seems like fighting against Law & Order itself?
Or are we unable to define this enemy because it has no face, unlike, say, political parties whose chiefs are well-known and stick around for decades? Are we peaceful because the collegium of judges, which has usurped power from our democratically-elected government, is an amoeba-like entity with no name, no definition and no office address, and whose temporary leader is a Chief Justice who changes every few months?
Aakhir hum chup kyun hain? I wonder...
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