Sunday, 5 April 2015

How judges break the laws

Judges often make up their mind, ahead of hearings, about what their judgment will be. Then they invent legal-sounding reasons for upholding their decision.
Judges play deaf to those parts of the oral or written submissions of advocates that don't suit their pre-decided judgment... and to that end, they even change, twist and misrepresent the arguments presented by advocates. Judges frequently leave a crucial material point undecided, by saying that they were not pressed during arguments.
And, if that is not enough, judges bring in their own original arguments to validate their decision -- arguments that were not presented by either side.
Judges are able to do all these things with absolute impunity. No one can touch them for these un-judge-like acts.
Senior counsels are capable of dislodging judges from their pre-decided conclusions -- at least some of the time. Quite often, they are capable of convincing the judges to write a judgment that is neither supported by the facts of the case, nor by any law.
And for this capability to bend the law, senior counsels charge indecent amounts of money like Rs 20 lakhs for a single hearing.
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