Sunday, 5 April 2015

Courts are like a sticky SPIDER'S WEB for unwary litigants

Is judiciary a back-breaking burden that Indian citizens have been carrying since Independence, simply because nobody believed it was possible to put it down and review the whole thing? Must we remain stuck with this huge tangled mess of cases that tareekh-pe-tareekh has rendered meaningless?
Millions of cases based on archaic British-era laws (like IPC, CrPC and CPC) continue to linger and obstruct the path of new litigants. Many cases have been badly damaged by profiteering lawyers and insensitive judges, but continue only to provide livelihood to lawyers and judges, and occupy space and time in courts. They only cause harassment to citizens, and reduce the efficiency of the economy. No good is coming out of such proceedings, only harm.
Shouldn't we clean the cobwebs of the past and start afresh? We The People have the power to clean our attic, drive away the poisonous insects and throw away the useless files where such insects breed.
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