Sunday, 5 April 2015

Courts are giving tareekh-pe-tareekh and taking long vacations... Shame!

If pendency were under control and appellants got a fair hearing, Supreme Court's 6-week summer vacations could possibly have been justified. But such is emphatically not the case.
Judges dismiss a majority of the appeals immediately, not even giving a few second to appellants -- many of whom have travelled across the country, and have suffered great financial difficulties to come this far.
Many judges contemptuously THROW THE APPELLANT'S FILES on the floor after a couple of seconds of perfunctory hearing, showing callous disregard for the litigants and the appeal process!
Despite such hurried methods, the queue of pending cases before SC is growing longer every year.
And the Supreme Court judges have the sheer gall to go on lengthy vacations, en masse!
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