Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Courts are built to intentionally EXCLUDE the common man

Judiciary is designed for INTENTIONAL EXCLUSION of the litigant. The litigant is a "very UNIMPORTANT person" (VUP) in any Indian court. He is belittled, mistreated and deprived of every need and privilege, including information. Everybody else, including junior lawyers, clerks, peons and policemen, have priority over a litigant. Regardless of the merits of his case -- which is sometimes of great significance and public interest -- the litigant gets treated like dirt, and he is kept in the dark about what is going on.
His time, money and efforts get wasted without any consideration, and procedures and timetables are designed in ways that suit everybody else except the litigant.
The work-flow, timetables, procedures etc. are decided by the constraints and the whims of judges and lawyers, and designed for their comfort (e.g. lengthy court vacations), greater privilege, convenience and profits.
How can the common man even imagine that he will find justice here?
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