Saturday, 4 April 2015

CORPORATES are the secret organ of state

Every schoolchild is taught that there are three organs of state, namely Legislature, Executive & Judiciary. What they don't teach is that there is a fourth organ -- a secret one: CORPORATES. Companies. Also known as Big Business. They are the ruling classes. We The People are the masses.
Unknown to us, the corporate sector is closely involved with every legislature that is elected, and every government that is formed. It funds every political party in mostly secret ways, and it extracts its price in ways that you and I will never realize.
Companies get a huge advantage from being a "legal person", from having huge budgets for giving bribes to political parties, individual legislators and government officials.
The sort of white-collar criminality that companies routinely get away with is so large and so widespread, that it is invisible. For instance, telecom, power, insurance and building construction companies have made cheating customers into such a routine and systematic affair that it's now an accepted part of our economy. These companies have turned the regulatory authorities and enforcement agencies into shields for their malpractices, so that they cannot be directly targeted by a court of law.
The government and judiciary know this, but pretend to be completely unaware.
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