Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Common man must criticize India's judiciary, not maintain a respectful silence

Seeking judicial remedy is almost impossible for the common man. It is not just an uphill task, it is a Himalayan task. Our courts are NOT a viable option for dependent persons. It is also NOT for the poor, the very young, the elderly, and other disadvantaged sections.
Judiciary is therefore accessible to a very small proportion of Indian citizens; arguably, less than 5% of India’s population can actually hope to get some remedies from the courts.
Surely, this is NOT how the Constitution intended it to be!
So, must we still maintain a respectful silence, while we suffer without any hope of improvement in court functioning? Is this what is expected of us now?
No. Never. Discussion about the need for judicial reform CANNOT be the sole preserve of eminent jurists. The unavailability of judiciary to the common man and his family members deeply concerns their Life & Liberty. If nothing else, this alone gives common people every right to discuss the deficiencies of the judiciary... and not necessarily in hushed and respectful tones!
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