Sunday, 5 April 2015

Chief Justices of India -- compromised by institutionalized & systemic corruption

The government is the country’s single biggest & wealthiest litigant. It routinely offers senior judges and chief justices (who are usually nearing their retirement age) prestigious and lucrative posts. Most recently, retired CJI P Sathasivan was appointed Governor of Kerala. He had been openly hinting that he wanted a post-retirement job from the government. See
And earlier, retired Chief Justice KG Balakrishnan was made Chief of the Human Rights Commission, although he was badly tainted with charges of corruption. See
Senior judges hear PILs against government and also cases filed by the government, although after retirement, they look to the government to give them lucrative & prestigious jobs. Not surprisingly, they openly favour government, politicians and bureaucrats, and frown at activist citizens who file PILs.
Furthermore, such senior judges and chief justices, in their capacity as members of the collegium, elevate the government’s favourite judges to the Supreme Court, or appoint them as Chief justices of High Court.
Is this not institutionalized corruption in the judiciary?
Judiciary is not at all independent. While it rattles its sabre symbolically from time to time, judiciary is basically subservient to the government.
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