Sunday, 5 April 2015

Bhopal continues to be a tragedy, thanks to judiciary

Bhopal gas tragedy is a blatant example of how judiciary behaves when the interests of big business clashes with those of the common man. Over 5 lakh persons were exposed to the crippling gas Methyl Iso Cyanate (MIC) on the night of 2-3 December, 1984.
3,787 died, 3,900 were severely and permanently disabled.
26 years later, in June 2010, seven former employees of UCIL (including Keshub Mahindra, non-executive chairman) were convicted of causing death by negligence. Each was sentenced to two years imprisonment and fined of Rs. one lakh. All were released on bail shortly after the verdict.
BOTTOMLINE: NOT EVEN ONE PERSON RESPONSIBLE HAS BEEN JAILED YET, 30 years after the world's worst industrial disaster.
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