Sunday, 12 April 2015

Beware of your surgeon's recommendations for elective surgery

The doctor-patient relationship is based on information-asymmetry. It is generally believed that the doctor KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR BODY, whereas you know nothing. That is blind faith, perpetrated by the medical profession, which is a well-knit trade union.
You are expected to be completely passive and trusting while the doctor or surgeon makes decisions for your body -- even when he makes irreversible decisions such as surgery. You are expected to trust that each and every doctor or surgeon you meet will ACT IN YOUR BEST INTEREST. That is a straight-faced lie.
Please be careful while making decisions about ELECTIVE SURGERIES, such as removal of your uterus. Please don't be bullied by your doctor into unnecessary hospitalization and operations "in order to avoid complications later on". Many of the scary worst-case scenarios predicted by surgeons are unlikely; such predictions are designed to make you (or your near-and-dear ones) go willingly into the operation theatre, like a lamb to the slaughterhouse.
It is your duty to have a healthy skepticism, to ask questions until you are fully satisfied, and to seek second and third opinions... even if your surgeon shows jmpatience and irritation.
For more info about how your doctors rip you off, read
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