Sunday, 5 April 2015

Architects are masterminds planning illegal & unauthorized constructions

Not every crime is committed with narcotics, guns, violence etc. A huge number of crimes are committed with STEEL & CONCRETE in every city and every state of India. These crimes, routinely committed by the construction industry, go undetected. These crimes are generally invisible to all, except a small number of trained people within the system.
The illegalities committed by the construction industry are NOT VICTIMLESS CRIMES. They swallow up precious land and assets belonging to the public at large. But these crimes are deliberately ignored and downplayed by the system, because our politicians, judges, lawyers etc. are deeply involved. Land & building projects are the favourite investment avenue for powerful people who are earning lakhs of rupees everyday.
Architects are the masterminds engaged at the planning and execution stage of every building. They know the illegalities like the back of their hand. They know precisely which rule, which law, which development regulation has been abused to yield profits of hundreds or thousands of crores.
To clean up our system, architects must be interrogated and encouraged to turn into informers and whistleblowers.
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