Sunday, 5 April 2015

And Justice For All climax scene -- Al Pacino

What is justice? What is the intention of justice? And do courtroom trials achieve that intention? Or are courtroom procedures actually engineered to defeat that intention?
"And Justice For All", starring Al Pacino explores this aspect. Here’s a video of the climax – an explosively intense scene. Click on this link:
(It will take you 12 minutes to watch. But if you want to save a couple of minutes, start viewing at 2.20 minutes.)
The scene is about the dilemma that a lawyer (Al Pacino) who is defending a judge who is accused of raping and beating a girl. And the judge has confided in him that he did in fact commit this crime, and doesn’t even regret it. The judge has a watertight case in his favour, and the prosecution case has been completely sabotaged. Even the prosecution lawyer and the judge have been compromised.
These dilemmas happen in real life. Bade bade courtroom mein aisi choti choti baatein hote rehti hai. But defense lawyers don’t blow the whistle on the criminal they are defending, and prosecution side is badly sabotaged. And so the criminals usually get acquitted, leaving the victims convinced that the judicial process is just a sham, and that justice doesn’t exist in this world.
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