Wednesday, 1 April 2015

An old friend says hello

Morning walk.
A big white stray I’ve never met before
Abruptly puts his paws on my chest.

No wagging tail,
No lolling tongue,
No panting,
No doggy grin,
No wet-nosed kisses.

Strange grey eyes
Gaze into mine.
“We know each other,” they say.

Standing there,
I stroke that big head for a minute,
Acknowledging a deep bond.

I never see him again
And I don’t need to.

But I understand that
No matter where I go,
No matter who I am,
My friends and I
Find each other.

Thank you,
Old friend,
For reminding me
So beautifully.

I first wrote this in January 2007. Is it a poem? You decide. This is an accurate account of an incident that actually happened to me on a morning walk, and the thoughts that flashed through my head then.

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