Thursday, 2 April 2015

Advocates -- an unscrupulous trade union

Remember: Many litigants seeking remedies in court for HEADACHES, develop HEART ACHES after going to court, thanks to their lawyers.
Many lawyers take on scores (or even hundreds) of cases, charge a chunk of money upfront, take the original documents, put the matter in court... and then completely lose interest.
Then they start taking tareekh pe tareekh to suit their own busy timetable, or alternatively, fail to turn up in court.
Some enter into needless or wrong procedures, and misinform the client about the case status.
And some turn up in court and accept consent terms that are completely not in favour of the client. Or they keep quiet at critical junctures and lose the case.
Many small and cheap lawyers behave like this. But reputed lawyers and senior counsels are also no exception; in fact, they are well-known for this.
Many reputed lawyers speak rudely to the clients from the very start of their relationship! Nevertheless, they have a steady flow of business, because people are in awe of them.
If the client gets angry, many lawyers stop responding to calls and messages.
Worse still, if the client wants to withdraw the vakalatnama from his lawyer, the lawyer may misplace or fail to return original documents, and make the client's life an absolute hell.
Clients have no effective legal remedy against wayward lawyers, because other lawyers will not accept a case against him. (Complaint to Bar Council? Hahahaaaa!)
If this is not an unscrupulous trade union, I don't know what is.

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