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Some thoughts on internet cuckold fantasies

I feel it’s just part of being a man that your mind is capable of sublime thoughts as well as profanity, sometimes within the space of a single second. Maybe it is because these are only imaginary classifications, distinctions that we make because of our acculturation and upbringing. I personally hold that the sacred and the profane live cheek-by-jowl, not only in our minds but even in the world… in the Supermind, if I may use that coinage. I believe that a man of depth is familiar with all dimensions of his body and mind — accepts everything, judges nothing, loves or loathes nothing. By extension, I believe that a true man of depth loves the world in its entirety, even if he engages outwardly in efforts to change some things within himself, or in the world.

I don’t know if it works the same way for women. I know that there’s this widespread belief that a kiss is a kiss, arousal is arousal, a f**k is a f**k, an orgasm is an orgasm, irrespective of whether you’re a man or a woman. I have many reasons born of personal experience to question that belief. I believe that we experience all these things very differently, and so I’ll go only with what I intimately know about: a man’s psychology.

I also happen to know that a good cuckold story attracts a pretty wide male audience, and not a very small female audience! Why it appeals to women, I don’t even have to explain… I mean, she can have her whims and her most secret desires fulfilled, so why not? But I must confess to being a bit mystified by the phenomenon. Wife-swapping I can understand as a soft of fair trade-off, but cuckolding?

I mean, why do men get turned on by the idea of their wives getting laid by other men, especially when such a scenario would personally diminish them as alpha-males, and take away from their own lovemaking time and rights? Even evolutionarily, how does it make any sense for a man to want some other dude to take a shot at impregnating his wife, which would drastically reduce the chances of his own genes being perpetuated, and cause his own offspring to live in sibling rivalry with some other dude’s offspring. Why would any sane man like the thought of that? Why would he get horny suggesting it to his wife?

On the other hand, there is every reason for a man to like the idea of adultery — i.e. laying somebody else’s wife or girlfriend– because as a functioning male, it exponentially increases the chances of his own dick, and his own sperm, fulfilling their purpose in life. But (correct me if I’m wrong) there aren’t too many screwing-my-neighbour’s-wife fantasies doing the rounds on the internet. There are of course a few stories of all permutations and combinations that one thinks of — a veritable fruit-salad of Forbidden Fruit — but cuckold stories probably come close to topping the charts.

(By the way, has anybody actually done a statistical survey of these things? Maybe Google would be best equipped for this task. Think what insights it would offer into the minds of men!)

Note: The next few paragraphs are not for the squeamish. I’ve tried to keep it fairly clean, but don’t say you weren’t warned!

I’m disgusted/bored to death with the stereotypical stories that inhabit the internet. You know: The story starts with a wife who refuses to give head or to swallow, and who seems to dislike sex. Then one day, circumstances, her husband and own suppressed desire for a “Real Man” conspire to put her in touch with this dude with a 12-inch monster. All the variety in the story ends at this point. Then things go according to script: she worships the new god with all her hands and her mouth, and has her own climax! Then she cleans him up thoroughly, taking the last remnants of his precious fluid from her breasts with her finger. Keeping the flaccid organ in her mouth, she revives it within minutes for a second round of action. This time around, he wants to — gasp– penetrate her with this monstrous thing around which her fingers won’t even close.

Before the husband’s lust-glazed eyes, she urges the stranger / hubby’s boss / divorced buddy to keep pushing, although she has never been penetrated this deep before… As he rams her, she bucks and arches with pleasure, and has a series of intense orgasms. Finally, to her husbands horror, he mumbles, “I’m coming”. As he begins to withdraw, she kisses him deeply, locks her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips, and pulls him deep into her.

After he has come inside her, she’s lying in an ecstasy. The husband knows that if he doesn’t act now, his wife will surely be pregnant. And so he proceeds to suck and lick out every drop of the potent fluid from his fecund wife. To her, it’s a deliciously soothing massage-cum-message of warm acceptance by her husband (No, I really didn’t intend that pun, if you know what I mean!)

Little does the hapless hubby know that this sort of sex is habit-forming.

And the next day, when he comes home from work, he is pleasantly surprised to find his wife wearing his shirt and nothing else. “Hi Honey, were you expecting me?” he says. “No, your boss said he would come by with a surprise gift for me, so I just wanted to give him a little surprise of my own!” she responds, deep-kissing him. When the doorbell rings, she says, “I’ll get it!”

And she opens the door to find the boss… and half a dozen of her husband’s colleagues. She’s only momentarily stunned, as the men stand in the doorway with a large gift. “I told the guys it was your wife’s birthday, and so we dropped by with a surprise for her!” the boss explains. Letting the men in, she rewards the boss with a deep kiss.

Then she serves drinks and sits down on the couch between the boss and another guy. Before hubby’s glazed eyes, his boss unbuttons her shirt and gently caresses her. “I knew your wife is a good sport, but I didn’t expect her to be this good!” says his colleague (who was the Best Man at their wedding), as his fingers lightly caress her inner thigh and disappear under the shirt, as she moans softly into his boss’ mouth.

In the course of the evening, she ends up sucking everyone to orgasm once, having sex with them once and letting them take her anally once, without her enthusiasm flagging even for a minute (and even more significantly, without experiencing rawness, nausea, fatigue etc). Meanwhile, her husband equally enthusiastically slurps her clean after each encounter, and then slurps his buddies and boss clean too, with the purpose of getting them back into a ready state for re-entering his wife.

Needless to say, while the possibility of pregnancy hovers tantalizingly over the scenario, giving it an erotic edge, nobody even once gives a thought to AIDS, Herpes, bad breath or body odour. (Okay, okay, I’m sorry! That’s unfair criticism! This is fantasy, remember? Although I daresay that a large number of women fail to enjoy such fantasies precisely because of their inability to overlook such details.)

After everyone has left for the day, he finally hits the sack with her. He can barely feel it as he finally enters her, and he knows that she is now permanently stretched-out and addicted to Real Men for life. Things will never be the same around here any more…

Actually, that was my take on a fairly typical story, but I realize that it was not finger-quotes “typical”. The reason: I couldn’t bring myself to have her superhuman lovers say (after climaxing twice), “Take that, bitch! Clean me up, whore!” And I couldn’t have her say (after climaxing 21 times on a rough count), “I’m your slut. I want your baby-batter in my oven!” Ouch! Ouch! It hurts to even say it!

OK, it’s safe to read from here on. In fact, highly recommended.

But phew! I must admit to having got a bit of a buzz writing that story (except the last paragraph), but I think the model could stand serious improvement on the whole (no pun intended, honestly!). It could do with generous dashes of wifely modesty, husbandly jealousy, friendly seduction over a period of some days (not hours and minutes), innuendo and unfaithful acts — you know, casual touch, unspoken word, loving glance, intimate acts like “Will you please zip up my dress?” — stuff that normally goes on only between husband and wife — but definitely stopping short of going the full distance. I’m not suggesting a full reversal to Lady Chatterley’s Lover as a genre’, but there’s a thing or two that our internet writers need to learn from them.

So, hopefully soon, I’m going to write a short story like that myself. In the meantime, I’d like to hear readers’ comment about the widespread appeal of cuckold tales. What’s the secret, guys? What is it with us that makes us want to be at the receiving end of this sort of thing from our wives? I am fascinated with the cuckold theme at the gut-level, but I’ll be darned if I can understand why!

And don’t anybody –  and I mean the women readers — feel tempted to say that it’s only because all male children, worldwide, are ceremonially dropped on their heads when they are babies! That may explain a lot of our other quirks, but it won’t be considered an acceptable explanation for this mother-of-all-quirks!

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