Monday, 30 March 2015

Poem: The Embrace – Companion of the night

The Embrace – Companion of the night,
Solace from the day,
Protect me from the light,
Whisk me far away.

Wrap me in your arms,
Hold me for a while,
Let me shut my eyes,
I’ve walked a weary mile.

My shoulders hurt, my muscles ache,
Heal my body with your touch
’til the sun rises, don’t let me wake,
In your embrace, let me sleep much.

Caress my hair with a tender hand,
Kiss my forehead gently;
Heal my body of all its wounds;
Heal me physically, mentally.

Shield me from the dazzling sun,
As you move farther away.
Let there be night in my eyes,
Though the rest of the world sees day.

Kiss me awake with a parting breath,
I’m strong enough to brave the light.
Oh, younger brother of death!
Do embrace me tonight.

By Lavya Krishnaraj Rao (My dottir)
March 5, 2012

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