Nawaz Sharif proposes Modi for Nishan-E-Pakistan Award

Nawaz Sharif is highly impressed with Narendra Modi's achievement.

Narendra Modi did what Pakistani terrorists have failed to do for many decades, namely, spread panic and despair throughout the nation, and seriously dent the Indian economy!
Nawaz Sharif says Modi singlehandedly did what all terrorists and separatists have plotted to do for many decades!
With one single announcement of demonetization, Modi achieved more than Pakistan could do for decades!  

He virtually brought the Indian economy to its knees, and dealt such a body blow to the economy that business confidence and GDP growth will take many years to fully recover!

"You idiots could not achieve in decades what Janaab Modi has achieved with one single announcement!" the Pak premier scolded his trusty band of terror chiefs. "And so, I am determined that this year's Nishan-e-Pakistan award -- our highest civilian award -- should go to Janaab Narendra Modi!" he anounced.

"With one masterstroke, he has achieved what you bumbling idiots repeatedly failed to achieve with funding, arms and counterfeit notes worth millions of dollars! Wallah! What a brilliant idea! What a man this Narendra Modi is! Wah! Wah! Dil khush kar diya!" Nawaz Sharif exulted.


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