Banking Industry is Paralyzed: Bank Officers' Union

New Delhi, 26th November, 2016: "As a trade union of officers' cadre which is running the banking industry, I have certain issues regarding implementation," said Harvinder Singh, General Secretary of All India Bank Officers' Confederation. "The problems of our officers, common man and our customers should have been taken more seriously, because we the officers are working at the ground level. We know how the functioning of the branches can be improved. We know how our customers are suffering, and what is the cost of the demonetization process.

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"All our officers working in all the branches and offices are involved only in this process. The entire banking industry is paralyzed. Everybody is doing only demonetization work. The business of banking is totally affected. We are not able to deal with the normal business. Our officers are facing lots of problems on the personal and social front, being forced to work 12 to 15 hours a day. Stress in dealing with customers, dealing with mobs, making extra efforts in arranging cash is taking a toll on their health. More than 20 officers have lost their lives.

The common man is needlessly suffering because of avoidable system failures: AIBOC Gen. Secy.
"We are also concerned with the common man, who is queuing up because of system failures. Despite our hard work, we are not able to provide service because there is no sufficient cash. ATMs are not working, and the extra burden of ATMs is also shifted to the bank branches," said Harvinder Singh, in an exclusive interview to Delhi-based journalist Varun Krishna on 23rd November.

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